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How to select a remodeling contractor

Dec 1

How to select a remodeling contractor



These simple steps can make a difference between perfect confidence, and sleepless nights when you hire someone to help with your remodel.


Get referrals

Word of mouth is the best method to find a qualified specialist for the job. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for information about people who have had positive experiences. Ask about the positive experiences and how the contractor handled problems. Finally, ask if you would recommend the same contractor to your friends.


Examine your credentials.

Conduct a preliminary investigation by making a call to the contractor and visiting their website. Keep the recommendations in mind. Inquire about whether the contractor holds the necessary state and/or local licenses. Check for professional certifications from organizations such as the National Association of Homebuilders and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. You want contractors who have been able to pass rigorous exams and gone through coursework to earn specific credentials. Remember that not every certificate is created equal. Research the requirements to find out more.


Candidates for Interview

Begin meetings with the candidates whom you have narrowed. Because more contractors can cause confusion, limit your number to three. Although it is important for a home renovation contractor to respond to inquiries, communication is only two-way. Candidates should ask numerous questions.


References should be reviewed

Ask for information about previous work done by contractors. If they are a good fit for you, ask them for recommendations and follow-ups with their past clients. Ask about the contractors’ performance on the projects. What was the timeline and budget for completion? What was the satisfaction of the buyers? Is there something you would do differently next year?


You are buying a service, not a product when you hire an interior designer. The quality of services rendered will determine the quality and quality of the finished project. Here are some questions and things to consider when interviewing a contractor.


1: Keep a physical address, an electronic address, fax number, or cell phone number.


2: Do I need to purchase liability insurance? To confirm, ask for a copy of any insurance certificates issued by the remodeler. Ask the remodeler how much it will increase the value of your home, and then ask your provider if you need additional insurance.


3: Are you an active member of the community? How many years has this firm been around? Is it possible for the remodeler to establish strong bonds with subcontractors (e.g., plumbers or electricians) and work together?


4: Do your peers and clients trust you? Are you an experienced professional?


5: Do any of your credentials (CGR (Certified Grasshopper Remodeler), CBD, Certified Bath Designer, etc.) have professional status? What is the average time the remodeler has been a part of any trade groups?


You can write it down

Examine all paperwork provided by contractors after you've selected one. Does the contractor seem to be a professional? You should carefully read the contract. Is the contract fair and balanced? Also, ensure the following are included in your legal agreement


  • Site plan details, bid price, and payment schedule

  • Here's a list of key building tasks.

  • A clause that allows the ordering of things to be changed

  • A procedure list for ending an explicitly limited warranty must be written

  • A clause on the resolution of disputes

  • A lien waiver could be used to stop subcontractors or suppliers from securing a mortgage on a home in the event that the contractor defaults on their payments.

  • You can confidently sign the dotted line if everything looks good.


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