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Five Things that Every Good Lawn Care Program Should Have

Dec 26

Fall is here and your lawn is ready for winter's cold temperatures. You should too! We'd like to talk about the actions you should take to sure that your lawn is in good shape for winter. Below is a list of 5 things every good lawn care routine should have.


Spring is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. After months of being snow covered, it's important to choose a fertilizer for all seasons to nourish your lawn. In the fall your lawn will store nutrients for winter.

A quality fertilizer will stimulate your lawn's growth and increase the amount of nutrients your lawn gets. It also helps your lawn recover from any stressors. No matter what the weather is, fertilizer will be designed to make your lawn succeed.

Weed Control

There are numerous kinds of weeds which can become an issue for lawns. A combination of hand-picking roots and organic, non-odour spot treatments will provide the best protection. It is vital to determine the kind of weeds that could be causing problems for your lawn. Here is a list of commonly-used lawn weeds the landscaping companies of Georgetown have identified:

Crabgrass is a common and stubborn weed. You need to ensure that your lawn is well-watered. Once the clover is in bloom, it could require many treatments.

Protection Against Surface Insects

Spongy patches, brown spots and grass that doesn't seem to grow are all signs your lawn may be affected by pests. Pests that cause problems should be dealt with promptly. Use our guide for best practices!

There are many types of pests, however the most commonly encountered are the grubs. Grubs are white/yellow, c-shaped larvae that are found during June Beetles, European Chafers, and Japanese Beetles.


Your lawn's capability to fight environmental stressors can be enhanced by the process of aerating. This can reduce thatch and increase nutrient and water absorption. Aerating your lawn after a long summer can aid in the recovery of your lawn.

Compost/Seed Application

Compost helps improve the soil's quality, allowing your grass to collect and store moisture and nutrients at a much healthier rate. Our unique mix contains grass seed and fine compost. It also functions as an overseeder.

You must adjust the condition of your lawn to ensure a healthy lawn. There are treatments to help improve the appearance of your lawn that a healthy lawn may not require. Be aware of the changing seasons when you treat your lawn.

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