5 Best Architects in Jacksonville 🥇

Below is a list of the best and leading architects in Jacksonville. To help you find the best Jacksonville architects near you, we have compiled our own list this evaluation point list.

Jacksonville’s Best Architects:

The top rated architects in Jacksonville are:

  • Mark Macco Architects – Commercial architectural offices in Jacksonville.
  • Dig architecture – focuses on private customers who are looking for a tailor-made and timeless home.
  • Kasper Architects + employees – good design = good business
  • TTV Architects, Inc. – Our innovative vision, functional designs with sustainable beauty create value.
  • Akt Architects – Architectural design in Jacksonville for healthcare, commercial and restaurant.

Mark Macco Architects

5 Best Architects in Jacksonville

Mark Macco Architects is a premier commercial architectural firm based in Jacksonville known for its world class service. Mark Macco Architects’ architects have the talent, skills and experience to serve clients not just in Jax but across the United States. Mark Macco Architects can also work with clients outside of the US, particularly in Puerto Rico. Their architects provide solid and efficient designs for clients of all levels. Mark Macco Architects ‘award winning architectural services focus on customer service and work ethic, with the architectural team working efficiently around the clock to ensure that all of their clients’ needs are met.

Full-service architecture service, conception for marketing and capital campaigns, all phases of the design process, 3D videos and animations

Address: 472 Osceola Ave. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Phone: (904) 249-2724
Website: maccoarchitects.com

I loved my experience with Mark and the team at Mark Macco Architects. The team consists of a group of friendly, hardworking and accomplished professionals. I would recommend this office to anyone looking to carry out their next project at the highest level. – John Harlan

Dig architecture

The best architects in Jacksonville

Dig architecture is based in Jax and focuses on sustainable residential architecture services. The architecture studio is known as a customer-oriented architecture studio in which the needs and wishes of each customer are taken into account in addition to their budget. With this in mind, dig Architecture creates architectural designs that meet the specifications of each customer. Your team of high-ranking architects is professional, certified, experienced and will do everything possible not only to meet the customer’s expectations, but to exceed them. Are you thinking of building the dream home you saved for? Call dig Architecture today to make an appointment.

Architectural services

Address: 13500 Sutton Park Drive South Suite 301 Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone: 904-553-2698
Website: dig-architecture.com

Nick designed our custom home and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. Nick is extremely talented and his vision and attention to detail are top notch. The quality of his work is really different from any other. He is easy to access, always quick to react, and overall fun to work with. – Vikki Cline

Kasper Architects + employees

Best Architects in Jacksonville

Kasper Architects + employees is a well-known full-service architecture firm that specializes in effective designs. The architecture office uses its talents and skills to develop not only projects but also its own team to become better architects. Kasper Architects + Associates not only offer excellent service, but also an experience that is completely reliable. Your team consists of registered architects, designers and design specialists. These professionals guarantee a smooth development process for you and your project, so you can rest assured that a team of some of the best architects will work with you around the clock.

Architecture, interior design

Address: 10175 Fortune Parkway, # 701 Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: (904) 683-9201
Website: kasperarch.com

I have had the pleasure of working on projects with Erik Kasper and his staff for almost two decades. I give them my highest recommendation for anyone looking for this type of service. – Keith Thompson

TTV Architects, Inc.

Jacksonville Best Architects

TTV Architects, Inc. provides world class architecture and interior design services to Jax residents and businesses. This nationally recognized engineering and architecture firm is made up of professionals from various specializations in the construction industry who are innovative and move every job to a better world. The team at TTV Architect is not only made up of professionals, but is also empathetic and hardworking. They ensure that you and your project are looked after and that all of your requirements are met and met. Do you need a professional to design your next construction project? TTV Architects ensure that the work is done smoothly and stress-free.

Architecture, interior design, planning, construction management

Address: 115 E Forsyth Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 798-8333
Website: ttvarch.com

Have the pleasure of working with Chris and his team on a design-build federal building in Winston Salem, North Carolina for the past 2 years. Very professional and responsive. I can’t wait to work with him and his team in the future. – Sean Scherer

Act architects

Jacksonville's best architects

Act architectsThe team of professional and longstanding architects has almost fifty years of experience. The Jacksonville architectural firm provides professional interior design and architecture services to commercial, healthcare and restaurant customers. Act Architects’ professional team is more than capable when it comes to design, architecture, construction and management. and ensures that your project is going through the right development channels so you can progress without a hitch. A reliable and trustworthy architect is critical to the success of your project and Act Architects has the team to make it happen.

Architecture, interior design

Address: 6903 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32211
Phone: (904) 721-1771
Website: actarchitects.com

I am an engineer who LOVES working with ACT Architects – they are real professionals. They know what they are doing and are determined to get things right. Brad and his team are smart, efficient, and effective. It couldn’t be better! – Adrienne Gould-Choquette

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