5 vaccination centers in Jacksonville did not use 32% of the previously allocated doses

According to state data, the five vaccination centers in Duval County have the combined capacity to deliver approximately 184,600 doses as of Monday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More than 30% of the vaccines allocated to five vaccination sites in Jacksonville were not used Monday, First Coast News found after the state reported the numbers to the FCN.

A total of 124,701 doses were administered at the five locations as of Monday, according to a state official. Those locations, Gateway, its two satellite locations, the Edward Waters College location and the Regency location, have been able to deliver approximately 184,600 doses from the end of January when the first of the five locations, Regency, opened through Monday.

On Monday alone, around 39% of the recordings were unused at the five locations. According to a state official, a total of 4,014 doses out of 6,500 available were given.

Monday was the same day that Governor Ron DeSantis lowered the age requirement for a shot to 50 years and older.

At the Gateway site, Jacksonville’s largest vaccination site, nearly half of the available shots went unused as of Monday. The site can manage 3,000 per day. It managed 1,570 on Monday.

Edward Waters College site, which can give 500 a day, administered 173 Monday.

However, Monday’s totals were better than the three days before. On Sunday, the sites managed a total of 2,038. On Saturday, the sites managed a total of 2,997. On Friday, the sites managed a total of 2,836.

About 69% unused Sunday, 54% unused Saturday, and about 56% unused Friday.

Monday numbers from local vaccination centers (first day 50+ could get the shot in FL):

Carver Center- 418
Regency – 1,584
= 4,014 out of 6,500 being able to use

# is better than in the last few days

2,038 Sunday, 2,997 Saturday, 2,836 Friday

– Kailey Tracy (@KaileyTracy) March 23, 2021

State officials have insisted they do not throw away shots at locations. They said a shot in an arm was better than one that was thrown away, even if given to someone who didn’t meet the state’s criteria.

Mia Jones, CEO of Agape Family Health Care, which co-operates the Edward Waters College website with the state, said at the end of the day if a syringe contains extra vaccine it will be given to anyone in line.

Jones said this rarely happens, but it is better to give it to someone, even if that person may not qualify, than to throw it away.

“”[We don’t throw out doses] Not on my watch, “said Jones.” We won’t throw anything away. We’re going to make sure we hug someone if we have to sit there waiting for someone to show up. It’s like liquid gold, “she said.

Agape, the state, and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority last week launched Wellness on Wheels, a mobile vaccination clinic. Jones said part of the effort to open the clinic and get the vaccine into the community was due to the small number of people who came to the site.

The mobile vaccination clinic Wellness on Wheels will be in the following locations this week:
-Mon: Potters House: 11 am-7pm
-Thursday: 12-5pm Head Start Program on A Philip Randolph
-Fri: 1-7pm Dayspring Baptist Church
-Sat: Oakland Church 1-5 p.m.
-Sun: First Timothy Baptist Church 1-5 a.m.

– Kailey Tracy (@KaileyTracy) March 23, 2021

DeSantis said Tuesday that all adults will be eligible for a shot “well before May 1st”.

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