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Jacksonville is a huge city with many unique residential areas. These individual hubs have something special to offer and are specifically aimed at the people who host them.

There are many different ways to choose a neighborhood in Jacksonville. Here are five neighborhoods in the Jacksonville area and what they have to offer to residents.

North side

This industrial area has become more of a developed residential area. This side of town is in close proximity to the airport and Jacksonville Zoo. The area is convenient for those working or planning to work downtown, as getting into town from Northside is relatively easy. The lot sizes are usually over one hectare. New housing developments are designed like modest ranch styles or Mediterranean villas. The people who live in this area are mostly families with children, retirees building houses by the river, and first-time home buyers.

River bank

In the 1900s, Riverside Avenue was considered one of the most beautiful streets in America. The oak-shaded streets that line the houses emphasize the area. Downtown and the St. Johns River are in close proximity. St. Vincent’s Medical Center is also here. One interesting note is that many medical offices in this area are housed in houses that date back to the early 20th century. There are also plenty of restaurants, clubs, bars and cool shops to discover. The area has a swanky, youthful vibe that is popular with young professionals or college graduates. Your neighbors will most likely consist of young professionals working downtown or medical professionals in St. Vincent.

South side

This area has changed over the past two decades and has become increasingly popular. Southside has a low crime rate, good schools, access to Interstate 95, and many parks and recreation areas. The neighborhoods are diverse, ranging from working-class and single-family homes to upscale, closed golf communities. The architectural style in the area includes Bungalows, Tudors, Mediterraneans, and Cape Cods. Most of these houses were built after 1990. One of the disadvantages of the area is that traffic can be extremely congested during rush hour. Your neighbors will most likely be families with young children or young professionals buying their first apartment or home.

San Marco

St. Mark’s Square consists of artistic shopping, dining, and entertainment just south of the city center. The area was built in the 1920s and resembles St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy. The streets in the area are lined with historic estates, charming villas and trendy bistros. Your neighbors in this area are expected to be mostly single professionals, young married couples, and creative types and artists.

The beaches

Some of the most expensive homes in Jacksonville are in the Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach areas. The average price for a single-family beachfront home is over $ 300,000, excluding oceanfront homes. Popular activities for the locals in this area include biking, surfing, running or roller blading. Everyone who lives here has one thing in common – they love the beach. In this section you will find families, young professionals and retirees.

Orange Park

Orange Park has reasonable property prices in a rural Jacksonville area. There are plenty of dining and shopping options in Orange Park neighborhoods like Fleming Island and Doctors Inlet. The Naval Air Station is also here and there are lots of undeveloped areas. If you are looking for two acres of land and farm animals this is your side of town. A drive to downtown or Southside takes approximately 45 minutes. The neighbors are mostly marine families, horse people, families or people who want a lot of land and don’t mind commuting to work.


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