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Thrift serves as an ethical and affordable alternative to shopping. It’s a great way to reduce waste in the fast fashion world. It may take more effort than your average trip to the mall, but think of it as a treasure hunt. The moment you discover your dream jacket with a $ 3 price tag, it’s all worth it.

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Jacksonville is a huge city that has lots of thrift stores. For some, it can be difficult to decide where to start. When you’re like me it can get overwhelming.

To make things easier, I’ve narrowed down some of my favorite thrift stores in Jax.

Avonlea Antique Mall

Avonlea is the Disney world of the vintage! It’s huge, at roughly 40,000 square feet. While the shopping center is under one roof, it houses 200 “stands” that are rented by individual vendors. From retro furniture to rare art, you can find everything at Avonlea!

One of the coolest parts of Avonlea is the on-site cafe. Stop by and have a bite to eat after hours of surfing. The Full Circle Eatery serves delicious sandwiches and small plates, including allspice and bacon dip.

Once in Avonlea it feels like an endless maze. So I recommend leaving a full afternoon to explore!

The thrift store

The thrift store is the holy grail of Jacksonville. If you know you know It’s very organized and has some of the best prices I’ve seen. Their inventory consists mainly of clothing, shoes and accessories. Here and there you can still find furniture and art. There is also a decent area for books and DVDs.

The shop itself is quite big and blows other thrift stores out of the water with their selection of clothes. Rest assured that you will always find cool vintage clothes when you stop by the Thrift Store.

Bayard Ancient Village

Bayard Antique Village is a hidden gem that I recently (and accidentally) discovered.

The ancient village formerly known as Beautyrest Cabins is 100 years old. The motel was a hot spot for tourists touring Bayard, Florida – a small town that merged with Jacksonville in the 1960s.

There is now a unique antique shop in each cabin. There is a large flea market in the middle of the huts.

In addition to being a cool place to shop, Bayard is an eclectic piece of Jacksonville history.

Facebook marketplace

Ok listen to me I find some of the coolest things on the Facebook marketplace! This section of the social media giant is where users can list and sell their items. It’s divided into different categories for easy browsing.

If you’re looking for furniture, you’ve come to the right place! It seems like a lot of people list their furniture here when they move, which means they are happy to sell. This is great for buyers as it means low prices.

Oddly enough, the Facebook marketplace is also a great source for indoor plants. Scroll down to the Garden section and you will find tons of house plants.

Of course, when purchasing, always follow Internet Security Tactics and meet in familiar, public environments.


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