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Members of the Downtown Development Review Board said on March 23, the latest design for the Related Group’s RD River City Brewery apartments in Miami is “moving in the right direction” and is giving conceptual approval.

The board voted 7-0 to advance architectural plans for the proposed $ 92 million apartment project to replace the River City Brewing Co. restaurant on Downtown Southbank.

Board members Christian Harden and Frederick Jones were not present for the vote.

The law firm Driver, McAfee, Hawthorne & Diebenow represents the Related Group in Jacksonville.

Company partner Cyndy Trimmer said the Miami developer and MSA Architects redesigned the apartment in response to feedback from the board of directors and DIA staff that it did not fit “contextually” along the St. Johns River.

The review panel postponed conceptual approval in January to allow the affiliated group to make changes.

“We went through many iterations of the site map and surveys to get to where we are today,” Trimmer said.

The board voted 7-0 for the further development of the architectural plans for the planned $ 92 million housing project.

The Downtown Investment Authority’s March 17 employee report described MSA’s latest design as “modern in style with clean lines, smooth textures, and minimal embellishment.”

Trimmer noted that changes such as pocket parks in the outdoor area, different architectural design features in the windows and elevations, and lounge terraces added since January have been added.

According to Trimmer, MSA and Related focused on designing buildings with a view of the adjacent Friendship Park to the east.

“We really took the feedback that we don’t want a monolithic structure looming over the park to heart,” said Trimmer.

External “Broadstone Walk-ups” have also been incorporated into the units on the ground floor on the south side of the complex to address the board’s previous design problems, Trimmer said.

MSA and Related Group have called several board members individually as draft review has been filed for their contributions to changes, Trimmer said.

This included board member Craig Davisson.

He and several other board members said that while Related made “great efforts” to change the building’s design and street landscapes, the developer failed to deliver on the “iconic” product promised in the company’s Jan. 14 presentation.

The north and south end of the shared apartment.

Davisson called the development on the river bank “one of the most important projects” in the city center.

“I was hoping for a little more from the architecture of this building. I think when I see this it is already out of date. It’s common and redundant in what we see today in contemporary architecture today, ”said Davisson.

Board member Brenna Durden was reluctant to allow part of the residential complex to exceed the maximum height permitted by city law for construction along the riverbank.

The code allows developers to exceed the specified height when the width and volume of the building are below a certain threshold.

The rule, drafted on the city council by DIA CEO Lori Boyer in 2019, requires developments to maintain certain setbacks from the riverside in terms of height.

The design rules are aimed at maintaining the view of the river and avoiding a crowded feeling for pedestrians on the riverside and retail customers.

The DIA staff report states that one of the two apartment sections exceeds the lower volume requirement, which would allow the planned height.

The code workaround has been used in other riverside developments since 2019, including the volume calculation for Fidelity National Information Services Inc.’s 12-story riverside headquarters in Brooklyn.

“I think these provisions were added to be exceptions to the rule. What is happening is that these exemptions become the norm, ”Durden said.

A freestanding restaurant adjacent to the Friendship Fountain, a required part of Related’s pending $ 15.69 million incentive deal, will be submitted as a separate project, DIA employees said on March 23.

Prior to the final review, DIA staff asked Related to point out plans to “soften” the top floor of the parking deck, visible from the upper floors of the nearby Prudential Financial building, with trees in raised planters.

The city map for the RD River City Brewery Apartments.

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