Aid for the Arts, compiled by the Cultural Council of Better Jacksonville

Dear friends and colleagues,

As the country and the world react to the coronavirus and COVID-19 situation, our team at the Greater Jacksonville Culture Council would like to share the following information. First and foremost, the Council of Culture invests in the health and well-being of the artists, arts organizations, and communities we serve. Please follow all instructions and recommendations from your local and state authorities, as well as from agencies such as the CDC and WHO.

We would also like to draw your attention to campaigns with which artists and the non-profit art community are to be included in all federal aid funds made available. Please ask your elected officials to approve such laws. Click here to learn more about such efforts. The Greater Jacksonville Culture Council works in partnership with the City of Jacksonville to administer local funds to support these nonprofit arts and cultural organizations that rely on donations:

All Beach Experimental Theater
Beaches Fine Art Series
Beach museum and historical park
Cathedral art project
Jacksonville Civic Orchestra
Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens
Don’t miss a beat
Florida Ballet
Florida theater
Friday musicals
Hope at hand
Jacksonville Children’s Choir
Jacksonville Dance TheaterJacksonville Historical Society
Jacksonville Symphony Association
Mandarin Museum and Historical Society
Museum of Contemporary Art – Jacksonville
Science and History Museum
Player by the sea
Ritz Chamber Players
Preservation and Revitalization of Springfield
The Art Center Cooperative, Inc.
The Performers Academy
Jacksonville Theater
WJCT Public Broadcasting

There are a few ways we can help the listed organizations and the many other creatives in our community during these challenging times. First, donate to your favorite local arts organization. This will help maintain their income as they can no longer rely on admission tickets, ticket sales, or tuition fees. If an event you wanted to attend is canceled and you receive a refund, you can return the price of your ticket to the institution. Buy a piece of art, stream music from local singers and bands, or buy goods from local artists. Although social distancing is the norm these days, I am confident that we will soon be engaging in arts and culture together.

Artists, technicians, administrators and everyone involved in the art scene are faced with an unprecedented situation as events are canceled or postponed. But ultimately, we believe that the arts are about bringing people together. As we work our way through this pandemic together, we hope that the artists, organizations, and everyone that makes up our art community come together and become stronger for it.

Thank you all,

Joy Young, managing director

Greater Jacksonville Culture Council

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