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APSU played two of three games from the state of Jacksonville this weekend. ROBERT SMITH | APSU SPORTS INFORMATION

Travis Janssen celebrated his 150th victory as head coach of the APSU baseball team on Friday, May 14th.

Win # 151, however, is likely to have been more significant during the governor’s season.

The Bat Govs, who had previously finished fifth at the Ohio Valley Conference, won two of three games in fourth-placed Jacksonville. A series win puts them in the final playoff spot of the conference, and there is still one rivalry series left.

On the way to the three-game set, Janssen met with team captains Gino Avros and Garrett Spain to see if a message was needed to the team about the importance of the weekend. According to the coach, both were aware of the effects of the home finals.

“The boys see the ranking and they see where we are,” said Janssen. “You know, there wasn’t a lot of speeches or anything like that. The boys were focused, they were ready to go. You have played in a few pressure games and played pretty well. “

The pitching tandem of Luke Brown and Harley Gollert kept the governors afloat in Friday’s opener, but it was Bobby Head’s two-part home run in the eighth that sealed the 8-7 win. Head finished the weekend with 11 goals, including two home runs and four doubles.

In game two, the Gamecocks took a 4-0 lead in the middle of the second inning. A fifth run by JSU ensured that the back half of the doubles player would decide the winner of the series on Saturday.

Head coach Travis Janssen looks on during a double header against Jacksonville State.

“We were overwhelmed, we were cheered after that defeat,” said Spain, who shot a two-run shot into right field to start the rubber match. “Between games, we just made sure everyone was on the right track [and] I tried to get this third one because we needed it badly. Everyone was locked up on the hitting and pitching side of things from top to bottom. We have just started. “

The Gamecocks’ bats were suffocated in their nightcap when starter Drew McIllwain and the Govs allowed only one deserved run in the 5-1 win. Jacksonville State loaded the bases with an out to attempt a late comeback, but a strikeout and right field flyout ended it.

APSU and Jacksonville State are now in fourth place, with the governors breaking that with a head-to-head matchup. The governors, who have now emerged victorious in five of their last eight games, have a day off on Sunday before preparing to travel to Mu ** ay State to end the season.

However, a loss last weekend could doomed them as JSU, Eastern Illinois and SIUE all emerge within a game for last place in the playoffs. The Gamecocks and EIU will compete against each other on Thursday and Friday while the Cougars play eighth place on Tennessee Tech.

“You don’t need anything extra [pressure] Put them on because they know if we can take care of the business that we can get into the tournament, ”said Janssen. “And they think if we get to this tournament we’ll be good enough to win it.

“I really enjoyed this team and I keep telling myself – and I keep telling them – that we have to experience something special. They move for each other and they were an outstanding group. I hope that something really decent can happen on the track. ”

Blaine Kellar

Blaine Kellar is a sports broadcaster at Austin Peay State University. He currently works as a sports editor for The All State. Kellar was previously a broadcast and journalism intern at Social Dweebs and a freelance journalist at Main Street Media.

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