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Dallas-based Briggs Equipment Inc. has so far announced a $ 4.8 million investment in its new facility on 2525 Philips Highway. This is another example of the area known as San Marco East being both redeveloped and rebuilt.

Briggs Equipment is a materials handling company. The location is off Interstate 95.

The company did not respond to requests for comment.

The city approved the North Coast Construction Co. in St. Augustine on October 16 to renovate the former dealership building for $ 545,000.

This is the next step after the city has issued nearly $ 100,000 total of permits for construction site clearance, interior demolition, and related work.

On September 18, Briggs purchased the 3.4-acre lot and 15,547-square-foot building on 2525 Philips Highway and 2111 York St. from O’Steen Volvo Land LLC for $ 4.2 million.

On August 20, the Jacksonville Planning Commission approved a zone exemption for Briggs Equipment at the former Volvo dealership that had moved in 2014.

The exception allows for outdoor storage of material handling equipment for sale and rent in the commercial / general 2 zoning district.

In 2013, O’Steen Automotive Group Inc. announced that it intends to relocate its Volvo dealer business more than 11 miles south on 10863 Philips Highway by early 2014.

After that, the Florida Department of Transportation needed part of the existing dealership for its Overland Bridge project along I-95.

Briggs purchased the 3.4-acre lot and 15,547-square-foot building on 2525 Philips Highway and 2111 York St. from O’Steen Volvo Land LLC for $ 4.2 million. (Google)

Realco Recycling Co. Inc. is the demolition contractor and North Coast Construction is the project contractor for the Briggs remediation. The architect is Design Development Architecture Inc. from Middleburg.

The Jacksonville representative for Briggs is shown as Ladson Montgomery, President of PRG Developments Inc. of Jacksonville.

The Briggs website shows that there are locations in Jacksonville at 6855 Phillips Industrial Blvd. and 6907 Broadway Ave.

The Briggs Philips Highway project is located near Chance Partners LLC’s new residential developments – San Marco Promenade and The Exchange and Barlow.

It is also part of the San Marco East Business Association, an alliance of companies along the mile of Philips Highway from I-95 south to Emerson Street.

The group formed to improve the aging area and its neighborhoods.

Restaurants, motels, and a shopping mall anchored this corridor, but lost its luster after I-95 diverted traffic from the Philips Highway and the commercial and residential development sprawled south.

While Briggs is located near the northern end of the former “wonder mile”, both the San Marco East Plaza and a new Aldi grocery store are located at the southern end.

On a corner of Emerson Street and Philips Highway, the shopping center, which opened as Philips Highway Plaza in 1960, was converted into the Market Square Mall and then used as the 95 Central Business Center and Metro Square office park.

Dallas-based Prescott Group acquired the 38-acre property on Philips Highway 3563 in early 2019 and renamed it San Marco East Plaza.

It comprises 470,000 square meters of office and retail space in eight buildings.

Prescott Group Founder and CEO Jud Pankey said in October 2019 when he announced upgrades and rebranding in San Marco East that his group had joined the San Marco East Association.

“You want to do better,” said Pankey. “We appreciate what people are doing to improve this land use.”

Across from San Marco East Plaza is a new Aldi grocery store that is on the site of a former Wells Fargo office that has been demolished.

San Marco East is not to be confused with East San Marco, a retail development near the San Marco Square shopping district.

The city is currently reviewing building permits for East San Marco, which is to be anchored by a Publix Super Markets Inc. grocery store.

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