Car drives through bedroom in North Jacksonville, mom says she is lucky enough to be alive – Action News Jax

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville mother says she doesn’t feel safe staying in her own house after a car crashed right into her bedroom. Fortunately, her two children walked away unharmed because the mother was not home at the time.

She tells Action News Jax that she did not survive the impact.

The damage destroyed the bedroom and the furniture inside. She says the car went straight through the fence before it drove to her home.

The accident occurred on Reid Avenue near Lem Turner Road. The residents say the road is like an expressway and they are grateful that no one was injured.

The aftermath of the crash destroyed the door, the wall, and everything in its path. At 4 a.m., the mother, Erica Alexander, said a drunk driver walked right through her bedroom.

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“Furniture was destroyed and I lost some clothes, but all of that stuff can be replaced,” said Alexander. “Materialistic things, but if I was home I couldn’t get my life back if I lost it.”

She found out after her daughter texted her.

“It’s crazy. You see it on TV but you never think it would happen in your house, ”she said.

Even neighbors woke up to crash.

“It was like a big boom, like a bomb going off, that’s what it sounded like,” said neighbor Buster Alexander.

The neighbor said he looked outside and saw the taillights of a car sticking out of the house. Both say similar incidents have happened in the past.

“We’re not safe because (they) have to put up a barrier in the back to keep the car from getting on our property because someone could be killed next time,” he said.

Erica Alexander says she is grateful that no one was hurt.

“I would be a basket case now. I am grateful that my children were safe, ”she said.

They hope the property managers do something about this ongoing problem. Erica Alexander showed Action News Jax the police report submitted, and we asked JSO for a copy.

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