City Council Wants to Bring Additional Scooters to Downtown Jacksonville – Action News Jax

Jacksonville, FL. – The city council is considering expanding the e-scooter program in downtown Jacksonville.

There are currently four companies operating scooters in Jacksonville.

A change under consideration by the city council would spawn two more businesses.

The scooters are part of a one-year pilot program that started in early March and includes a total of 400 scooters.

However, some downtown residents have complained about the program since its inception.

The city has received more than a dozen complaints to date.

The Carling and 11 East Apartments property manager wrote, “Minors ride these scooters in large groups every night.

Late in the evening of March 14th, a group of minors broke the gate to our private residential garage. “

Rose Malaier wrote, “They are on and off sidewalks, in and out of traffic, and congregate in different areas.” She continued, “I avoid going after dark. It’s just not safe. It’s not good for business or to encourage people to live downtown. “

But there were also many positive reviews.

Will Frazier is the taproom manager at Bold City Brewery.

He said he has seen a surge in new business downtown since the scooters launched.

“It’s something new and exciting, so it gives people a chance to get downtown,” he said. “There are sure to be some security concerns. Like everything else. “

He said the main concern was speed.

He said the Bold City Brewery is considering putting speed bumps on the sidewalk in front of the store to slow people down.

Other complaints include leaving scooters in the wrong places.

The city council is also addressing this. In the proposed change, 12 scooters can be left in the corrals instead of 5.

If a scooter is left unattended for more than 180 days, it becomes the property of the city.

In a statement to Action News Jax, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said, “We have launched an aggressive education campaign and are working closely with vendors, the city council and the Downtown Investment Authority to ensure a safe and successful program.”

A representative added that drivers can get a quote for traffic violations.

Councilor LeAnna Cumber, who worked to bring the scooters to Jacksonville, said, “The program has been hugely successful in bringing people and life to the downtown area.

I encourage all scooter riders to take personal responsibility and follow city laws and instructions from scooter companies themselves.

As the city center grows, I also encourage drivers to slow down and look out for pedestrians on scooters and bicycles. “

The four operating companies include:

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