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JWB Real Estate Capital LLC sent the city new conceptual images of its planned apartment buildings for College Park, the former Town & Country Shopping Center in Arlington.

The Jacksonville-based developer submitted the renderings and site map to city council law on April 7, calling for the property at 903 University Blvd. to the planned unit development.

The website is divided into the Commercial Community General-1 and General 2 District sections.

The images show 90 units in two three story residential buildings with a floor area of ​​24,000 square feet and a total area of ​​72,000 square feet.

The center is located on Northeast University Boulevard and the Arlington Expressway. Built in 1953, it covers around 200,000 square meters on 19 hectares.

College Park is an Arlington Expressway and University Boulevard.

The property is part of the Renew Arlington Community Redevelopment Area, which the city aims to help rejuvenate.

A description of the project by the engineering firm Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. on February 19 states that the existing shopping center is in disrepair.

The document states that the developer plans to repurpose the site with apartment buildings, a food court park, redesigned parking lots, and a shopping street with retail, restaurant and office space anchored by a grocery store.

“This project aims to help encourage reinvestment and redevelopment in this area of ​​Arlington,” the description says.

“It has been many years since this type of investment and revitalization took place in this area. The aim of this PUD is to develop a viable mixed-use project while fulfilling the desire of the (Arlington Community Redevelopment Agency) to bring investments into the region. “

Renderings show two residential structures with a total area of ​​24,000 square meters and 90 units.

JWB Real Estate is developing the project on 903 University Blvd. GMBH.

According to President Alex Sifakis, the group looked at similar concepts to design the 17,733-square-foot food court and park for shipping containers.

The company is seeking funding from the city’s Renew Arlington Mandatory Compliance Grant program to help keep the website up to date.

The paperwork submitted to the city on June 22nd estimates it will cost about $ 1.4 million to align College Park’s landscaping, buffers, and fences.

The city and the St. Johns River Water Management District are also reviewing the College Park building plans.

The Council’s Land Use and Zoning Committee and the entire council must approve Re-zoning Ordinance 2021-0196 before the project can proceed.

The project applicant is Kimley Horn planner Blair Knighting.

A map of College Park in Arlington.

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