Coronavirus fears it will not decelerate enterprise in Jacksonville’s fish markets

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville area fish markets said they have been busy in the past few days, but they are still taking precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

There is no evidence that the coronavirus can spread through food, and many fish markets in the area source their fish from local waterways. However, these companies want to make sure that their food stays safe during the packaging process.

The Trout River Fish Company on the north side told News4Jax that it is in close communication with the company it sources its products from and is ensuring that those products are safe.

The World Health Organization said it was safe to receive packages from an area where COVID-19 has been reported. According to the WHO, the risks for an infected person spreading it from a sent package are low.

On Thursday, the Trout River Fish Company also set up a border following the deal’s guidelines.

“We created a makeshift barrier, typically about ten feet high, just as we were asked to,” said Andrea McHugh, Customer Service at Trout River Fish Company.

Through the glass, customers can still see the products that were caught or shipped locally from South Florida or North Carolina, McHugh said.

“They had prawns out here, but they put them back there so people don’t touch them and breathe all over, which is a surefire suggestion,” said Maria Hughes, a regular with the Trout River Fish Company.

Coronavirus concerns haven’t stopped customers like Hughes from coming to the Trout River Fish Company. If anything, said McHugh, they’ve gotten busier.

“It affected some of their other retail customers, but it didn’t hold us back a bit,” said McHugh. “Especially when they really close restaurants because people are going to replenish their groceries.”

Outside of normal food safety precautions, the fish market stated that it bleaches hard surfaces once an hour and does whatever it takes to stay in business.

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