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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (NNS) Many people find ways to give back to their community, from the smallest of kind acts to years of volunteering. For a Jacksonville native, making civil service a career was not enough, so he dedicated his passions to serving the nation.

After graduating from Terry Parker High School in Jacksonville, Karl Harris felt a need to recruit and serve his country for the military, which led him to an army recruiting office.

“I found out about their band program on the Army’s Delayed Entry Program (DEP),” said Harris. “I was able to enroll in the Army Band program at a high salary because I know several instruments.”

Harris said service was an important part of his adulthood, whether as a member of the Army Band, a sheriff in Jacksonville, or a navy recruiter

Harris went to Fort Dix, New Jersey for basic Army training and then attended training in Little Creek, Virginia to obtain the Baritone Baritone Baritone Baritone Baritone Baritone Baritone Baritone Military Professional Special Code of 0C2. He then received orders to Fort Knox, Kentucky, where he was stationed from 1990 to 1993.

“I like to think about my time in the Army Band, traveling the country, playing music at parades and military ceremonies,” said Harris. “One of the coolest things was that we got to play the Kentucky Derby three years in a row, which I will never forget.”

Harris felt the need for a change once his hiring was up, and he knew some friends who left the army and started new careers in law enforcement. He began researching various departments in his hometown of Jacksonville and decided to seek a job in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s (JSO) office only to find that he needed a two-year degree.

Harris decided to attend school at Florida State College in Jacksonville and earn his degree as an associate in the Florida National Guard. He then started at Jacksonville Police College in 1996 and was hired by the JSO the following year.

Harris held many roles at JSO, including patrol officer, detective, and school clerk, which Harris most recently developed a deep passion for.

“The mentoring aspect of being a school officer will stay with me forever,” said Harris. “I now know some officials who were kids when I was in their school that I kept in touch with and who are part of JSO or the Fish and Wild Life Conservation Commission. It was really cool to see how they were in sophomore year and where they are now. “

As Harris looked back on this part of his life, it was gratifying to see the children and other people of his past follow in his footsteps.

“I actually remember training for or against many of them when they played t-ball,” Harris said. “It goes that far back. I actually met one of them the other day. I worked with his grandfather in JSO and volunteered at the baseball park with his mother, and now he’s an MP in St. Johns County. “

After retiring from the JSO in 2017, he took time to travel and started flight training as a hobby until he got a similar itch that led him to serve in the army. While building volunteer relationships in the Jacksonville township, he made a few friends who were officers in the Navy Reserve. They told him about various officer and Navy Reserve programs that had piqued his interest. Now retired and with three degrees, he began applying for Navy Reserve officer programs, which led him to become a Navy recruiter who, based on his background, believed he might be interested in becoming a recruiter, and that Navy Recommended Direct Sourcing Program (DPEP).

DPEP envisages the recruitment of applicants with civilly acquired post-secondary technical training or significant work experience. The DPEP requirements apply to both active and reserve component applicants.

Personnel currently under a Navy Selective Reserve contract are not eligible for non-prior service. Skills acquired through previous military training and experience are taken into account. Personnel who have served in a branch of the service whose MOS / AFSC / NEC has been converted directly to a Navy rating may not be admitted to the same rating as determined by the DPEP program unless it has become longer than two Years laid off.

“I spoke to my recruiter about what she did on the recruiting side,” Harris said. “I had applied to various reserve officer selection committees for a while, but was not picked up (selected). She knew my background and suggested the DPEP program for me to see if I would be interested in starting my reserve time again. “

In December 2017, he and his recruiter filed a DPEP package for him and he was picked up. After a long break, he was now a Master-at-Arms 1st Class (MA1) in the Navy Reserves. His first assignment was briefly with the Navy Security Force in Mayport, Florida, and with the Navy Security Forces in Kings Bay, Georgia, before finally being ordered to begin recruiting in Jacksonville in 2018.

Harris is currently assigned to the Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) in Jacksonville, which oversees a team of recruiters and performs quality checks on Navy applicants before they are submitted for selection for Navy membership.

“The recruiters go out and recruit and I am responsible for the team that makes sure all records are complete and correct,” said Harris. “I oversee the team that makes sure everything is submitted on time and correctly on a daily basis. As soon as someone is selected, they are assigned and forwarded to the Officer Candidate School or as a reservist in a reserve unit. “

Using his skills as a JSO detective helped him transition into his new role. He had over 20 years of paying attention to details and leading a team of people, which made it easy for him to distinguish himself as a recruiter.

“When I was a detective, the paperwork was scrutinized as it could end in a lawsuit and a case could be compromised if things weren’t done right.” Said Harris. “It all comes down to recruiting, along with leading a team of employees, coordinating, gathering all information and making sure everything is done correctly.

Harris has enjoyed his past two and a half years and believes NTAG Jacksonville is one of the best teams he has been able to work with. He said he was looking forward to continuing his time as a recruiter because he was enjoying it so much. He also had advice for anyone with a law enforcement background who, like him, wanted to continue the DPEP program.

“If you’ve previously served in the Army like me and have a degree, it is worth trying to continue serving in the Navy, as I did through the DPEP program,” Harris said. “Depending on your level of education or how long you’ve been in law enforcement, you have the opportunity to do something great like me. I really think more people should take care of it. “

The Navy Recruiting Command consists of a command center, three Navy Recruiting Regions, 26 NTAGs and 64 Talent Acquisition Onboarding Centers (TAOCs) that serve more than 1,000 recruiting stations around the world. Their mission is to attract the highest quality candidates to ensure the continued success of the American Navy.

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