Feeding NE Florida Helps the Jacksonville ‘Meals Desert’ residents

As Northwest Jacksonville loses two grocery stores 10 miles apart, Feeding Northeast Florida steps in to help with a deteriorating food desert.

Harvey’s will soon be closed as part of the Southeastern Grocers bankruptcy reorganization.

The nonprofit’s mobile grocery bank provided free groceries to hundreds of families in the Edgewood and Commonwealth Avenue neighborhoods over the weekend.

Frank Castillo, CEO of the food bank, said the emergency food giveaway was just a first step to address the shortage of affordable, nutritious food.

“We are very focused on the northwest side. And we ask the question: How do we not only feed the hungry people, but how do we ensure that this will not be a recurring pattern in the years to come? “

Castillo said the food bank is also working with schools, businesses and other nonprofits to help tackle the 33 percent unemployment rate in the region.

The giveaway took place in the parking lot of the Paxon Revival Center on Commonwealth Ave. 5461 instead.

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