Grubhub supply driver steals canine house from Jacksonville Seaside

The dog Lexi is a 10 month old red teacup poodle.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A Jacksonville Beach couple are seeking help from the public in finding their dog, which they say was stolen from their home Saturday night.

It happened at around 6 p.m. on Saturday at her apartment on 11th Avenue South by the sea.

Kim and Rick Block told First Coast News that they ordered food from Grubhub at the Italian restaurant Gusto.

They said when the food got there the delivery man gave it to them and after they turned around for a split second to put the food down, their dog was gone.

Kim Block searched her entire home for a few minutes, yelling the dog’s name, but couldn’t find it.

She even spoke to the doorman to watch the security video.

The couple said the video shows the delivery man putting the dog in a bag in the elevator and then walking back to his car.

The dog Lexi is a 10 month old red teacup poodle.

They said she just had an operation on Friday and had a chip stuck in her. Unfortunately the chip failed on Friday evening.

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department has confirmed that they are investigating the incident and “working in some corners”.

The restaurant was able to give officers a safety video to show part of the driver’s vehicle.

From this video, officials believe they were able to get a good description of the vehicle.

The dog’s owners say this is their 10 month old puppy and the driver gets into the elevator at FCN2go right after the food is delivered

Video courtesy of Rick Block

– Kailey Tracy (@KaileyTracy) January 31, 2021

And this is the man who comes out of the building with the dog he just put in his pocket in the previous video. @ FCN2go

– Kailey Tracy (@KaileyTracy) January 31, 2021

Please share! This is Lexi. She is a 10 month old red teacup poodle. Her owners say they ordered food from @Grubhub tonight, turned around to put the food down and said the delivery man stole Lexi. Jax Beach Police confirm they are investigating @ FCN2go

– Kailey Tracy (@KaileyTracy) January 31, 2021

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