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The Jacksonville Aviation Authority signed a tentative agreement on February 9th to rent technology development facilities at Cecil Spaceport to Space Engine Systems, a Canadian aerospace company developing a reusable propulsion system.

Space Engine Systems, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, aims to develop a horizontally launched, single-orbit cruise vehicle that can fly at supersonic speeds, according to a JAA press release.

The spaceport, which is part of Cecil Airport in West Jacksonville, includes an 18,200-square-foot hangar, 1,582-square-foot take-off operations center, and 880-square-foot office.

When a final settlement is reached, Cecil Spaceport will serve as the North American operation of Space Engine Systems.

“The evolution of Space Engine Systems’ propulsion technology program illustrates the type of operations that Cecil Air and Spaceport were designed to facilitate,” said Todd Lindner, director of Cecil Spaceport, in the press release.

“Florida is an excellent location for our plans in the US, where we plan to set up both ground and launch facilities. We will soon be bringing several highly qualified aerospace and aerospace professionals to Florida, ”said Pradeep Dass, President and Chief Technology Officer of SES, in a press release posted on

Cecil Spaceport has a tenant – Generation Orbit – and is in talks with two other launch companies.

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