Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Which Jobs Are Higher?

HOUSTON – The Houston Texans need a new head coach and general manager. You’re not the only team in the division facing the same reality.

Most likely, the Jacksonville Jaguars also need a new head coach. You have already fired your manager.

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Let’s see which team has the advantage in different categories.

Quarterback: Little advantage Houston

This is a comparison of the two best quarterbacks ever played at Clemson. Deshaun Watson will take on Trevor Lawrence at AFC South for the foreseeable future. Jacksonville will place his number one overall selection on Lawrence to cement his direction with the quarterback.

Even if Lawrence is the best quarterback since Andrew Luck, Deshaun Watson has proof that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Proven success has to matter, even if we believe Lawrence will be good. This may be dead heat in a couple of seasons, but Deshaun Watson is right up there.

Roster composition: Advantage Jacksonville

It’s not really close, considering what Jacksonville has on its roster compared to the Texans. The only advantage the Texans have is in offensive tackles where Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard are better than what Jacksonville can tackle. Outside the tackle – all jaguars.

DJ Chark is a talented wideout. James Robinson looks like the best vacant free agent running back since Arian Foster. Laviska Shenault has shown a propensity for dynamic play. The jaguars also rule defensively. Josh Allen has elite potential as a pass rusher. Myles Jack is a solid insider linebacker. Cornerback CJ Henderson and linebacker K’Lavon Chaisson are promising rookie defenders.

The Jacksonville roster is full of young potential.

Salary Cap Situation: Jacksonville Advantage

Over The Cap plans for the Jaguars to have the most space in the NFL this off-season. There really aren’t any poorly constructed contracts on this team, and with a rookie quarterback salary for the next four to five seasons, the Jaguars can afford to take big swings against free agents and add players they think are valuable.

Texans are currently anticipating breaking the cap and would be desperate for relief should the NFL’s wage cap go down as expected. Texans are burdened by expensive veterans who, like Whitney Mercilus and Eric Murray, have underperformed and have signed expensive contracts with Laremy Tunsil and Brandin Cooks. You have little leeway. You will shop for bargains in the free agency. The team also needs to make a decision about JJ Watt’s contract position as he currently counts $ 17.5 million with no guaranteed money towards the cap.

Selection Drafts: Advantage Jacksonville

In addition to their own draft picks, the Jaguars have numerous additional choices through the Jalen Ramsey dealership. You have the Rams ‘first, second, and fourth picks for 2021, plus an additional pick for the Browns’ fifth round.

The Texans are without their first two selections due to the Laremy Tunsil trade in 2021. The team has one additional selection for the fourth round from DeAndre Hopkins’ trade and two additional selections for the sixth round.

Franchise Intangible Assets: Advantage Houston

The Texans fan base is better than the Jacksonville fan base. The Jaguars are currently playing a few home games in London, which is by no means an advantage. There is potential for London to be her permanent home too.

The owners Cal McNair and Shad Khan each have their strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, it would be fair to say that comparing the owners is a punishment.

With the better fan base and the better stadium, the advantage goes to Houston.

Bottom line: Jacksonville is the better job

When you take everything into account, even Deshaun Watson can’t make Texans more attractive than Jacksonville. The potential of the additional draft selection and the financial flexibility should be too great for most managing directors and head coaches to be able to do without them.

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