How Andre Cisco fits in Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Jaguards selected former Syracuse security officer Andre Cisco with the first choice in the third round of the 2021 NFL draft. What does it bring to Jacksonville and how does it fit into their plans? We spoke to John Shipley at Jaguar Report for the inside information.


Q: How do you envision Cisco fitting into Jacksonville secondary school?

Shipley: “It’s not often that a player is automatically the best playmaker on a team at their position from day one, but that’s exactly what the Jaguars get at Cisco. Cisco’s 13 interceptions in just over two years of college play.” are the.” The same number of interceptions that the rest of the Jaguars security room teamed up for during their NFL-level careers. No security on the squad has its dynamic range or its ball abilities. The Jaguars are set to carry out a hybrid and offensive defense scheme similar to that of the Baltimore Ravens, a team that calls upon its collateral to play many roles. Cisco fits the role of free security well because of its reach as a single-high security as well as its willingness to go against the barrel. “

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Q: How did the fan react to Cisco’s selection?

Shipley: “I think most of the Jaguars fans got pretty excited because most of them realized that the only reason Cisco was available in round three was because of his ACL injury. If he had never been injured, his production was dominant hardly imaginable compared to the previous one. ” Two years would not have been repeated in 2020. A healthy Cisco would likely have been a top 50 pick, so it seemed like a bargain for the vast majority of Jaguar fans getting it at number 65, especially given the fact that the Jaguars seemed pleased with Cisco Even in 45th place. Jaguar fans wanted playmakers and high-performance athletes, and that’s exactly what they got from Cisco. “

Q: What kind of scheme is the defense to use with a new coaching staff in Jacksonville, and how does Cisco fit in with it?

Shipley: “Just think basically about the Ravens defense. Defensive coordinator Joe Cullen is a Ravens transplant after spending five years as a defensive coach, and the Jaguars have said repeatedly that their defenses are being built with more or less the same vision – – One attack, several 3-4 defenses that required man coverage and strong lightning bolts. The Jaguars needed a player in the secondary school back end who could more or less take out an insurance policy for the rest of the defense since the failure rate. Man coverage is so low. He will play free safety and roam the jaguars in the deep center of the field, but they will also ask him to play in the pits and play man cover on tight ends. “

Q: What do you think of Cisco being the first security Jacksonville selected in this draft and waiting until round three?

Shipley: “The Jaguars had two safeguards in place when reviewing their second day options: Trevon Moehrig of Cisco and TCU. The Jaguars were often tied to Moehrig during the scouting process, but they gave him to # 25 and No. 33. I. I’m not surprised the Jaguars waited until the third to worry about safety because I think they knew that one of their top players was going to fall because of his injury they desperately increase the depth of the cornerback, which they did in 33rd place rather than security. In waiting to take over Cisco, the Jaguars improved two positions in secondary school. “

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