How To Level Up Magic Skill In OSRS Fast

You can find many different skills in the world of RuneScape, with each one allowing players to complete certain tasks more effectively or unlock access to higher quality materials and items. By leveling these up you’ll be able to do a lot more–from crafting your own weapons or armor out of metal ores mined from rocks scattered throughout Gielinor’s surface area, planting crops for food production without having them rot before they grow enough to produce, harvesting wood logs that are used as fuel sources for cooking/heating fires within the game world itself.

The best part is not only will this make things easier on yourself but it also allows you an opportunity at making money by selling those resources back in the Grand Exchange.

In this guide, we will show you how to level your Magic skill in a way that is both fast and efficient. First of all, players need to know what the benefits are for leveling up their Magic skills as it’s not an easy feat at first glance. When players reach higher levels they can cast more powerful spells which may be necessary when doing difficult OSRS quests.

OSRS Magic Training Guide

In order to level up to Level 17, players will want five different types of runes which are Air Runes, Water Runes, Fire Runes, Earth Runes, and Mind Runes. They can also equip a staff that will make it easier for them cast spells automatically instead of casting manually every time they need the spell. Once these two things have been done then go try completing the Imp Catcher quest; by doing this you’ll get enough experience points in Magic so you jump from Level 1-8.

Once the player hits level 17 they will find that using their Strike spells to kill cows isn’t really helping earn a lot of experience points anymore. The first thing the player can do is get Chaos Runes in order to cast Bolt spells and finish off enemies quickly which earns them more XP than killing with Strike Spells. If you want, as well, switch from Wind Bolts to Water Bolts at higher levels for better results!

Upon reaching level 33, players will want to get their hands on an air staff of some kind and pick up as many Law Runes as they can. This is because now the ability Telekinetic Grab becomes usable which allows them to grab items from a distance without putting themselves in danger. Every time you cast this new skill experience points are earned too.

One of the most popular ways to get your hands on a hefty amount of Gold is by reaching level 55 and unlocking High-Level Alchemy – which can be cast as many times as you want, for free. At each new tier in RuneScape’s huge quest lines, players are given access to more spells that will help them climb up levels faster than ever before! Players unlock this spell once they reach Level 55 when using Fire Runes with Nature runes so it doesn’t cost any OSRS gold at all.

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