Jacksonville Airport Appoints New Supervisor

Posted Thursday January 21, 2021 at 12:44 a.m. CST

Jacksonville Airport Appoints New Manager

Jacksonville Municipal Airport has hired a longtime manager.

Shastin Saxer was named an airport manager after a meeting of the Jacksonville Airport Authority on Tuesday.

Before he resigned in October to explore another job opportunity, Saxer had been at the airport for 20 years – 14 of them as a manager.

Saxer asked to return, said Authority President Tim Heady, noting that it would be an easy decision since Saxer always did an excellent job his first time in the role, Heady said.

“We would have had a hard time finding someone with Shastin’s knowledge and experience, so getting him back on board was an even easier decision,” said Heady.

Once approved by the agency’s Board of Commissioners, the decision to hire Saxer took effect immediately.

As an airport manager, Saxer is responsible for day-to-day operations and performs a variety of tasks from maintenance to compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

The airport has three capital improvement projects in the works over the next three years, Heady said.

A project in which the slope lighting will be placed should start in spring. The construction of new hangars and the conversion of the terminal are also being planned.

Jacksonville-born Alex Helmich has also been hired as the airport’s new chief flight instructor.

The Jacksonville Airport Authority is a regulatory body that meets once a month.

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