Jacksonville Brewery’s expansion is facing a hurdle from city planners

Those in attendance said the community contribution to Thursday’s meeting was an important factor.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – (Note: the video above is from a previous related report.)

A popular craft brewery in Springfield can officially expand its facility after a hurdle by the City of Jacksonville Planning Commission threatened to prevent it.

Main & Six, based at 1636 North Main St., plans to expand into the vacant building next door. The expansion would include restaurant space, more outdoor seating, and a rooftop terrace, according to the Jax Daily Record.

However, a call in the form of a Facebook event in support of the brewery’s expansion efforts initially indicated that those plans could run into trouble.

According to the description of the event, the COJ planning commission has not recommended an outdoor church service on Wednesdays and Sundays so as not to “disturb the church operations nearby”.

However, at a meeting of the COJ planning commission on Thursday, the extension was approved without conditions. Those in attendance said the community contribution was an important factor.

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