Jacksonville celebrates the tomato at the 37th Tomato Festival

Jacksonville is known for its tomatoes and they celebrate it in a big way every year.

The tomato is big business in Jacksonville. It’s so big that they named the high schools stadium after the tomato bowl. As you drive through Jacksonville, you will no doubt see giant 600 pound concrete tomatoes in front of companies showing their support for the city and the vegetable (which is really a fruit) that made this East Texas city famous. Jacksonville likes to claim to be the tomato capital of the world.

This June, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce is hosting the 37th Annual Tomato Festival in downtown Jacksonville. It will last a week, ending with a huge street festival on Saturday June 12th and ending with a street dance. Events during this year’s Tomato Festival include:

  • Tomato eating contest
  • Salsa competition
  • best homemade tomato contest
  • Tomato festival ‘diced’
  • Farm To Table
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tomato Fest Pageant
  • Dodgeball tournament
  • Soccer tournament
  • 5k run
  • Car show
  • many more activities and competitions

The big festival on Saturday starts around 8 a.m. Five blocks in downtown Jacksonville will be filled with vendors, food, a farmers market, fried green tomatoes, the location of many tomato contests, and live entertainment and other shows.

It was in 2010 that Jacksonville’s Tomato Fest set a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest bowl of salsa. Hundreds of volunteers took to the steps of the Tomato Bowl to make a 2,672 pound bowl of salsa that was documented on the Food Network show ‘Glutton For Punishment’. Part of this world record cup is still on display on the steps of the football stadium.

Check the website for all of the planned activities during Tomato Week in Jacksonville. We look forward to seeing you in downtown Jacksonville on Saturday, June 12th.

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