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JACKSONVILLE, Florida – You can buy a cup of coffee in Jacksonville while helping out against gun violence.

Grounds of GRACE began serving Cups of Joe in Jacksonville in October. While most routines start with morning coffee, the purpose of the cafe is to break a routine of yours involved in gun violence.

“Let’s do it differently. We empower and empower these children so they can make better decisions, ”said Tyler Vincent.

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It’s a unique business model that serves coffee in a unique shop.

Grounds of GRACE is in a converted school bus and rolls to various events.

The non-profit organization has hired three young people since it was founded. You can find out more about their stories on their website.

Ron Armstrong is the founder of Sponsored by GRACE, the nonprofit parent company of the Coffee Bus, which enables families to sponsor a child living in poverty.

Armstrong said he got the idea after returning to Jacksonville from a trip to Brazil.

“Come back and find the worst and most dangerous zip code – 32209 in Jacksonville. I knew I wanted to go there, ”he said.

He added that teenagers growing up in poverty will often end up at gun violence. In Woodstock Park there was a shooting Tuesday night in which a 16 to 18-year-old was killed, the Jacksonville sheriff’s office announced.

“It’s heartbreaking when someone loses their life. It breaks our hearts because it doesn’t have to be like that, ”said Vincent.

Next, they want to hire more young men and women and eventually add another bus or stationary business.

While they mainly focus on hiring in the Northside, they want to expand to other zip codes as well.

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