Jacksonville, Florida is a hidden gem to dwell and play in

Paddle boarding on the ocean in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida is developing as a rising travel destination. But what about a travel destination? Locals always knew that Jacksonville, or Jax as we like to call it, was one of Florida’s little gems. Now others are slowly discovering that Jacksonville is a pretty cool place to live.

Jacksonville, Florida is Florida's hidden gemJacksonville, Florida is Florida’s hidden gem

Here are 6 things about Jacksonville, Florida that many people overlook, making it one of Florida’s most underrated cities.

1. Lots of outdoor activities

Photo by Lance AsperPhoto by Lance Asper

Jacksonville has the largest land area of ​​any city in the United States, stretching for more than 840 miles. The St. Johns River flows through the city and is nicknamed “River City”. You can walk or ride a bike on the Riverwalk, a path that runs along the river for about 2 km downtown. Jacksonville, Florida’s beautiful beaches, rival those in more popular cities like Miami or Orlando, unless we don’t have to share them with so many tourists! Jacksonville also has the largest urban parking system in the country – 80,000 acres total. There are nearly 400 city parks, seven state parks, two national parks, and several gardens and arboretums. With so much land covered with forests, parks, waterways and swamps, there is no shortage of Outdoor activities in Jacksonville, Fl.

2. Pleasant weather

Do you hate the sticky wet weather in South Florida? The further north you are in the state, the less humid the weather is. This is thanks to the cool air of the Atlantic Ocean that brushes the shores of Jacksonville. While Jax is warm and mild, it’s more bearable than the south. While the climate in South Florida alternates between hot and sweaty, the weather up here in northeast Florida varies more during the year. Summer temperatures average around 90 and we also enjoy a mild winter. Some prefer to call it the “cool season” as the temperature rarely falls below 45 degrees.

3. A thriving real estate market

Jacksonville, FL home purchase marketJacksonville, FL home purchase market

If you’re looking to buy a home or invest in real estate, you’ve come to the right place. The Jacksonville real estate market is thriving and showing no sign of slowing, even amid a pandemic. The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors reports that Home sales continue to growdespite the Covid-19 pandemic. Property prices are affordable, which makes Jacksonville a great place to take root. According to Zillowwho have favourited middle listing The price for homes is $ 217,000, but the final sale price is $ 194,000, well below the national average. The rental market is also booming for real estate investors. Florida’s old-age village image may apply to some other cities, but Jacksonville has an average age of 36. Many of them Millennials prefer to rent. Zillow sets the average rental price in Jacksonville at $ 1,345 and on the subway at $ 1,450. Airbnb rentals are even more lucrative, average of $ 2,162 with a return on investment of 4.2%.

4. Lower cost of living

One of the reasons Jacksonville is becoming so attractive is because of the lower cost of living compared to other Florida cities. According to MashvisorLife in Jacksonville is 26% cheaper than Miami and Fort Lauderdale and 14% cheaper than Sarasota. Affordable housing is one of the biggest factors driving down the cost of living. In addition, homeowner insurance is also appropriate. Insurance for a $ 200,000 home Around $ 1,045 on average per year or $ 87 per month. Another benefit is that healthcare costs are slightly below the national average. Florida’s Price Transparency Act also requires hospitals to list service prices online. This allows the public to check and compare prices before any operations and procedures are performed.

5. A growing business hub

Photo by David MasemorePhoto by David Masemore

Little people don’t realize that Jacksonville is a mini-business powerhouse. It is the only city in Florida that has four Fortune 500 companies. Thirteen Forbes Global 500 companies also have offices here one of the leading financial and insurance centers in the country. If you’re a business owner, moving to Jacksonville for business makes sense. The city has an open and free business environment that is ideal for startups, small businesses, and venture capitalists. plusWe have a first class airport if you travel frequently on business. In 2017 Jacksonville International Airport has been listed as one of the best airports in North America for customer service by Airports Council International.

6. Cultural diversity

Local Jacksonville, FL communityLocal Jacksonville, FL community

Not only do we have a young population, we are also culturally diverse. Jacksonville was influenced by the Timucuan Indian tribe, European settlers from Spain, France and Great Britain as well as African cultures. Everyone brought their customs and left their mark. These influences can still be found in Jacksonville’s food, art, music, and heritage today.

So there you have it. If you needed a reason to move to Jax, we just gave you six. At the moment the city is pretty low profile, but the secret is out and Jacksonville is growing fast. Get in while real estate prices are still low!

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