Jacksonville homeowners are pushing for scheduled garbage disposal to curb garbage complaints

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There is a possible solution to the thousands of missed trash complaints that the city of Jacksonville has had for at least two years. But this possible solution has become a problem in itself for hundreds of homeowners.

In November, News4Jax found records of more than 79,082 complaints from August 2019. Nearly 23,000 of the complaints were related to the freight forwarder Waste Pro.

According to one of the hauliers and the city, part of the problem along with the coronavirus pandemic was the route to the city landfill on the west side. The long lines at the landfill also prevented freight forwarders from quickly returning to the neighborhood to finish the job.

The city officials suggested a transfer station where the drivers could bring their load to the landfill for another larger truck.

That brings us to a new topic: where are you putting it?

Norman Brewer and hundreds of his neighbors in the Greenland Chase neighborhood in Mandarin are battling a Waste Pro reallocation request that would allow them to locate a waste transportation station just behind their neighborhood’s tree line. The area is located in an industrial area near a city park.


“Quality of life – right from the start – is a health concern. Historically, there is data to support any type of waste disposal facility that can promote poor health in a neighborhood, ”Brewer said.

Around 300 neighbors have set up a Facebook group to address concerns – and the planning of their opposition – about the proposed waste disposal station location. Concerns about the potential garbage disposal station being just a mile from their neighborhood range from health concerns to air quality and odor issues to a drop in homeowners’ property value.

“You can’t tell me that we can’t find 40 acres in Duval County better suited than this place with less adverse effects,” Brewer said. “I would fight that for any church that opposes it, because today we are, but tomorrow it could be you on the north side, you on the beach.”

Jacksonville City Councilor Danny Becton represents Brewer’s neighborhood. He has received over a hundred complaints from constituents about the rededication request.


“A lot of misinformation has been published that this is a landfill, that this is a dump – and it’s none of those things. It is a transfer station. It will be a closed facility where one truck can dump its contents into a larger truck, ”said Becton. “Is it the best place now? That still has to be decided. Is it a place where the reallocation phase can go through and be approved at this point? That still has to be decided. “

Becton said he was unable to comment on the issue due to city council policies. He is holding a meeting at Southpoint Community Church on Thursday, May 27, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

“We are more than 520 houses here – the surrounding districts are not one of them. This will adversely affect well over a thousand homes within a four mile radius, ”Brewer said. “We want answers.”

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