Jacksonville Jaguars and Honeywell are working together to create a safer experience for TIAA Bank Field players and employees

Honeywell is working with the Jacksonville Jaguars to provide a safer environment for players and staff

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The Honeywell dashboard can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems in the stadium and provides Jaguars employees with a comprehensive and improved overview of the building conditions before employees and players enter the stadium. The dashboard can be expanded to include additional indicators such as occupancy and disinfection tracking.

“Monitoring indoor air quality throughout the stadium such as offices, meeting rooms and locker rooms is critical. Honeywell has helped us quickly and efficiently deliver a solution tailored to our needs,” he said Michael Webb, Vice President for Technology, Jacksonville Jaguars. “We have worked hard with Honeywell to develop and implement solutions that will provide players and employees with a safer experience that will keep us healthier workplaces not only when we played football last season but also in the future.”

In addition to continuously monitoring the air quality in the stadium, Honeywell also provides players and staff with an extra layer of security with custom PPE kits. The Honeywell Safety Packs, branded for the Jacksonville Jaguars, contain two masks and cleaning wipes. The security packages are distributed to players and staff.

“At these unusual times, when sports teams return to the field, a lot of people feel a little normal,” he said Jeff Kimbell, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Honeywell. “We are proud to be working with the Jaguars team to provide a safer environment for players and staff, and to keep the 2020 and 2021 seasons going for football fans everywhere.”

Honeywell’s Healthy Buildings solutions are part of an extensive effort to provide innovative solutions that help critical sectors of the global economy recover without replacing existing infrastructure. Honeywell’s Healthy Buildings solutions provide a holistic view of a building’s health based on key factors such as indoor air quality, occupant flow, PPE analysis, thermal screening, temperature monitoring, social distancing and sanitary effectiveness.

Honeywell previously announced similar efforts with the Carolina Panthers to create a safer fan and team experience.

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