Jacksonville Jaguars are helping revitalize the city’s east side

Jaguar owner Shad Khan is donating $ 1 million to the group’s efforts to revitalize the Eastside community.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Editor’s Note: This story is a small part of a larger article by our news partners at the Florida Times-Union. Read the whole story here.

With the aim of being action-based, LIFT JAX has won an important partner for Frida.

Jaguar owner Shad Khan, whose team has been an Eastside neighbor for 25 years with their team facility at TIAA Bank Field, is donating $ 1 million to the group’s efforts to revitalize the Eastside community.

“I love what LIFT JAX is, so it is my privilege to make this donation and help set a course that I hope will have immediate and lasting effects,” said Khan. “It’s not about writing a check, however. The point is that we all use our time and resources continuously and uninterruptedly to empower our neighbors and break the cycle of poverty. It takes work and accountability, and the Jaguars Foundation is more than willing to do its part. “

With the Jaguars in collaboration with LIFT JAX and the CDC, they plan to achieve five key, shared priorities:

  • Food insecurity: Provide year-round access to healthy food and nutrition education, and create a permanent neighborhood market.
  • Parks, playgrounds and green spaces: Reimagine outdoor spaces to promote healthy lifestyles and improve community wellbeing for all ages.
  • Local culture and economy: Celebrate the rich history and culture of the historic Eastside neighborhood by supporting local businesses and events like the quarterly melanin market and other placement activities.
  • National Register of Historic Places: Support the application of the Historic Eastside neighborhood to the State Historic Preservation Office for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Organizational and community support: Build the capacities of LIFT JAX and HECDC to ensure that operational support continues to make a positive impact on the Out East community.

“I think the easiest thing in the world is to get someone to write a check,” said Jaguar President Mark Lamping, “if you’re lucky enough to have the ability.” The hardest part is that this review really has an impact on the community and that that impact is defined by the resident rather than someone outside. ”

Click here to learn more about how this money will help revitalize Jon Reid’s Eastside community at the Florida Times Union.

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