Jacksonville Jaguars forego the earlier 5th round pick Ryquell Armstead and leave the roster at 89

The Jacksonville Jaguars have waived the earlier 2019 draft pick and the runback from Ryquell Armstead for the third year, the team said on Monday. They left the 89-player roster and prepared for an expansion.

Armstead was a selection from Temple in the fifth round in 2019. The Jaguars invested the number 140 in a player who would be number 2 behind Leonard Fournette in 2019.

Armstead raced as a rookie 35 times for 108 yards and caught 14 passes for 144 yards and two touchdowns. He didn’t play in 2020 because he’d been on the Reserve / COVID-19 list for the season. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported last October that Armstead had been hospitalized twice.

Armstead’s placement on the COVID-19 list last season opened the door for James Robinson to take over the leadership of the team a week before the first game of the season following Fournette’s release. Armstead didn’t play a snap in 2020 while Robinson was one of the most widely used running backs in the NFL.

The jaguars’ back room had gotten pretty crowded in the past few months. The Jaguars signed a veteran who put Carlos Hyde back on a short-term contract in March and reunited him with his former college head coach in Urban Meyer, the general manager who designed it in Trent Baalke, and his 2020 offensive coordinator in Brian Schottenheimer.

Jacksonville also picked Clemson, who brought Travis Etienne back to number 25 in the NFL Draft in April. Given that the Jaguars had a 1000 yard rusher in the mix even before these two additions, it’s fair to say that the team’s back space available has shrunk.

Etienne is considered one of the team’s main attacking players, while Robinson was the team’s best weapon a year ago. Add in Hyde’s experience and Etienne’s versatility and there are just a few snapshots left to spend.

“We actually made the decision to go to a rookie camp – the majority, I don’t know if it was 100 percent – all of its individual training was broad. That’s why we designed it, the opportunity , to be a guy with a double threat, and our story As long as we had a guy like that and we saw him as such a guy in this year’s draft, “Meyer said of Etienne on Saturday.

“For now, we’re focusing on the basics of the wide receiver game and learning the offenses of the wide receiver. As I said earlier, the worst case scenario is that you have a running back who is elite with receiver skills, and at best he’s a legitimate double threat guy. “

The list of Jaguars is now 89. The Jaguars have been tied as a tight-end convert to former Florida Gators and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for several weeks. Meyer said Saturday that the jaguars would resume the Tebow conversation before Monday.

“I relied on my staff to do this, and I can imagine that a decision will soon be made. We wanted her because I also have a new tight-end trainer. Watch a man like Luke [Farrell] and just get a feel for it because it’s them who put him to the test a couple of times and see if he can help us win, “said Meyer.

“We haven’t had that yet – I can imagine we’ll come in on Sunday – we’ll just focus on the guys now, and then we’ll talk on Sunday.

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