Jacksonville Jaguars, former Ohio state head coach Urban Meyer is considering drawing Justin Fields with the number 1 on the NFL draft

Although the Jacksonville Jaguars are generally expected to take over the former Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence Head coach Urban Meyer recently announced that the franchise has narrowed its list of options to Lawrence, the former Ohio state quarterback Justin Fields and former BYU quarterback Zach Wilson.

ā€œWe have at least – I want to say four to five, six weeks – and I mean, we were really deep. Then we narrowed it down, ā€said Meyer on the Adam Schefter Podcast on Monday. ā€œThen you have your first two or three, which you refined with a series of zoom calls. We did our best. We split the pro days and sent a man to BYU, one to Ohio State, and obviously one to Clemson. These are the three (players) that we identified and we looked at these guys a lot. “

Meyer noted the importance of this draft to the Jaguars, who at 39-105 have the worst record in the league since 2012 and have not played the playoffs since 2017 when they lost the AFC championship game to the New England Patriots to have.

“Well, it is also a draft transformation for our organization,” said Meyer. ā€œThis is the most important design, I know the full history of jaguars, but this is one of those very unique designs that is a very historic opportunity for Jacksonville. Obviously number 1, and I keep challenging our employees and saying: ā€œWe have to do this right. There can be no mistake. ‘

ā€œOur success and failure will depend on this selection, and the unique thing I’ve had in probably the last 15 years. I’ve seen all 32 teams do their business and I’ve always had great admiration for the organizations that dig and work and drive and can’t ask enough questions. By the way, an out-cut isn’t what makes a guy successful. It’s preparation and seriousness in how he takes care of his body, competitive spirit and tenacity. I give my employees great recognition. We dug as hard as possible. ”

If Lawrence goes to the Jaguars, the New York Jets are expected to pick Wilson with the number 2 overall pick. From there, there’s a debate about Fields, the former Alabama quarterback Mac Jones and North Dakota State Trey Lance and if they each hear her name, it might be # 3 on the San Francisco 49ers.

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