Jacksonville Jaguars within the Baltimore Ravens, Week 15, December 20, M&T Financial institution Stadium, Tire Phillips, Fumble

Head coach John Harbaugh said “this is a first, no question about it” and gave Phillips a ball in the locker room after the game.

“It was kind of a closer moment because it was such a big game. We’re going from a potential fumble within our 10-yard line to a first descent. That’s quite a turn of events over there,” said Harbaugh.

“I’ve talked to some of the guys on the sidelines … we’ve never seen that. We’ve never seen an offensive lineman pick up a ball and actually win yards without fumbling. We actually have a lot of games for our guys showed that … I think Tire was paying attention because he covered it up nicely. And then of course Myles Jack is a pretty good linebacker – had quite a success there. “

The barrel moved the chains on a third-and-7. Jackson linked up with Marquise “Hollywood” Brown on a 44-yard pass at the next game, then crowned the ride with a 3-yard touchdown pass to Mark Andrews.

“I prayed he wasn’t fumbling when he was hacked,” Jackson said with a laugh. “Hats off to tires – block and run.”

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