Jacksonville Meals Truck Completely happy Grilled Cheese Opens Downtown Restaurant – Enterprise – The Florida Occasions-Union

Ann Friedman

The Happy Grilled Cheese Food Truck is serving its grilled cheese specialties at a fixed location in the city center when it made its stationary debut on August 30th.

The location with almost 30 seats at 219 N. Hogan St. offers typical products such as Mac Melt with grilled cheese with three types of cheese, Mac and cheese and grilled onions as well as Uncle Vinny’s Melt with mozzarella and salami, pepperoni, ham, pesto, Tomato and red onion.

Owner Anthony Hashem said the store menu will include new sandwiches, salads, seasonal and staple foods.

Manager Brittny Lowrey said the restaurant is committed to the growth of Jacksonville’s urban core.

“We are on the verge of an exciting and progressive new development in the food scene,” she quoted restaurants in the city center like Bellwether, Sweet Pete’s and Kazu Sushi Burrito. “We can’t wait to see where downtown will be in five years.”

The Happy Grilled Cheese Food Truck will continue to operate, Hashem said.

The downtown restaurant will reopen at 11am on Tuesday, September 5th.

For more information, visit thehappygrilledchees.wixsite.com/grilledcheese.

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