Jacksonville Police Department secures weapons and drugs during a routine traffic check | KLRT

by: Jay Bir, Noah Delashaw

Posted: May 27, 2021 / 6:06 PM CDT
Updated: May 27, 2021 / 6:06 PM CDT

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – A routine Monday night traffic disruption in Jacksonville resulted in much more.

Jacksonville Police seized guns, alcohol and drugs from a car after stopping the vehicle to go through a red light at the intersection of South Oak and E. Main Streets.

Police arrested two men and charged Bevin Hildreth with possession for the purpose of delivering a controlled substance and a major theft by obtaining a firearm valued at less than $ 2,500.

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Local residents are not very surprised to hear about the arrest, saying that it is normal for this to happen.

Jennifer Johnston owns a food truck in Jacksonville and says she opens a store along Elm Street most of the time. She said she picked this particular area because there is nothing else on this side of the railroad tracks.

She said after the sun goes down it can be active and noisy in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

“I hear gunshots from my house every night and I’m one block from here,” said Johnston.

Ronald Pettingill has lived in the area for 30 years and two young men caught with items like this are no big deal to him.

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“The way this city is now,” said Pettingill.

Johnston said Jacksonville police had stepped up patrols and were making themselves known in the area, but they said it may still not be enough.

Pettingill believes the area needs the neighborhood to strengthen and says they will no longer accept this type of activity.

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