Jacksonville Police Officer arrested for battery against handcuffed man in custody – Action News Jax

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office announced that an officer has been arrested.

Officer Alexander Grant is charged with a battery count after meeting a person who is already in custody.

He was off duty on March 27th in the Poker Room on Monument Road. A person outside the store yelled he was “blowing up” the business. Grant arrested the man for threats against a company and handcuffed him.

After putting the man in a police car, Grant rolled down the window to inform the man of his rights. The man spat in Grant’s face. At that point, says JSO, Grant opened the door of the police car and started beating the man and tearing the man’s shirt. The man charged with a LEO battery for spitting on Grant’s face was handcuffed the entire time. The man got small grazes on his face.

Another off duty officer saw the incident and reported it to a sergeant.

The footage from the body camera was captured from the event.

This is the first arrest of a JSO employee in 2021.

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