Jacksonville Restaurant changes things

A new restaurant opened in Jacksonville.

Guse’s Pub and Eatery is located in the former HandleBar Pizza and Pub restaurant at 304 S. Main St.

Owner John Guseman said the restaurant opened for the first time on Friday. To prepare for the opening, Guseman said the restaurant was busy placing food and beer orders and that they were also being thoroughly cleaned and redecorated.

“It took a little while but we are ready to go,” he said.

Guseman is the owner with his wife Katie Guseman. The name of the restaurant comes from part of their surname.

This is also their first restaurant, he said.

Guseman describes the change of ownership as a common cause between him and the former owner Teri Hayes of Handlebar Pizza Pub and Restaurant.

“We basically got on our feet and wanted to try something different,” said Guseman.

He said while the menu will largely remain the same as it was on the handlebars, some items will be changed.

The restaurant will also have a slightly different theme than the handlebar restaurant, he said. It is a restaurant style bar.

“It’s just a place to sit down and have a nice meal and a cold drink,” said Guseman.

The restaurant offers weekly specialties such as lunch specials.

Pizzas are one of the restaurant’s specialties. Customers can search for their pizzas on the menu, which has been adopted from the driver’s menu. The special pizzas include “Jeannie” and “Patrick”.

Burgers are really good off the menu too, said Guseman.

Only pizza is served on Sundays. There will also be a night that will be declared a ā€œsteak night,ā€ he said. It is only given for walk-ins “first come and first served”. A date and time for the steak evening have not yet been set.

Live music is something Guseman said the restaurant will have too. The live music is played from the roof terrace of the restaurant on the outside terrace. The terrace is open every day, weather permitting.

Band Exit 52 will play at the restaurant Friday night and there will be other entertainment throughout the year, he said.

Guseman said he was excited about the restaurant’s future as things return to normal as the pandemic subsides.

The opening weekend went well and the restaurant even ran out of food on Sunday as a lot of patrons came in, he said.

ā€œWe really believe it will take off and take off. We are excited to see what this year brings, ā€he said.

Guse’s Pub and Eatery is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. for the kitchen and bar until 1.30 a.m.

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