Jacksonville restaurant cited for dead rodents and hundreds of rodent droppings – Action News Jax

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Here’s what Action News Jax’s Ben Becker found out this week after government inspections of local restaurants:

The Onyx Sports Bar & Lounge on Norwood Avenue near Carlton Street was charged with seven live cockroaches, 451 rodent droppings, and one dead rodent.

Inspectors say the Rocking Crab Seafood and Bar on Blanding Boulevard near Youngerman Circle had time-temperature breaches, raw pet food was stored over ready-to-eat food, and employee personal items were stored over a food prep area.

National Pizza Day was last Tuesday, but according to inspectors, a local pizzeria had “mushroom” for improvement.

Becker paid a visit to Al’s Pizza on Beach Boulevard near San Pablo Road.

State inspectors say there have been time / temperature safety violations, crusted food debris on a mixer head, and walk-in radiator seals soiled with mold-like debris.

Becker’s last stop that week was Eclipse on St. Johns Avenue near Herschel Street. It had stored raw animal feed over ready-to-eat food, no evidence of state-approved employee training and a hand wash basin that was not accessible to employees, according to inspectors.

All restaurants mentioned have passed follow-up checks.

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