Jacksonville runs an enormous 56-42 benefit over Nac | within the second quarter Tennessee Information

Jacksonville recalled a second quarter Tuesday night at John Alexander High School in which the Indians recorded a 56:42 win over Nacogdoches.

Just three points clear in the second round, Jacksonville played perhaps the best 8:00 of the season to outperform the Dragons 21-8 in the segment and take a 33-17 lead in the locker room at break.

Jacksonville opened the frame with a 13-0 run and the Indians’ defense and full playing field made life difficult for the dragons. Nacogdoches was kept goalless for the first 4:06 of the verse when Jacksonville took a 4:10 lead in the first half.

Sophomore Karmelo Clayborne proved to be an unstoppable force for Nacogdoches during this period, scoring 14 of his 21 game-strong points.

Clayborne also scored three of his club’s six Treys.

Other highlights of the quarter included Jacksonville, forcing the Dragons to flip the ball seven times. On the other hand, Jacksonville had a flaw.

Jacksonville had the biggest advantage of the evening with 4:39 in the third frame after Devin McCuin scored the goal after a three from the right wing with 46:24.

McCuin and Vito High each threw 14 for the Indians, with McCuin and Jermaine Taylor leading the team with five rebounds each – Taylor also scored four points.

Jacksonville head coach Mark Alexander said ahead of the game that he felt Taylor was going to have a big game when asked to fill in the void left by Patrick Clater, who had not dressed up due to illness.

Though the Dragons fell 22 points, they continued to play hard, finishing the third with an 8-2 mini-run that reduced the Indian lead to 48:32 after three seasons.

The kites then went on a 10-4 thrust which resulted in the visitors pulling left at 2:57 within 10 points (52-42).

The rest of the points on the route came exclusively from the free throw line.

The Indians built another strong defensive stand by preventing the dragons from scoring 2:57 in the final.

Kolby Yarbrough scored the team’s top 11 points for Nacogdoches.

Jacksonville, who is scheduled to take first place in Huntsville on Friday, improved to 13: 9, 4: 3 with the win.

The dragons fell on 11-11, 3-3.

Nacogdoches has played one less conference game than the Indians after their game in Huntsville was postponed last Friday due to a security threat. This threat turned out to be a false positive. Nacogdoches and Huntsville will invent this game on February 13th.

FRESH: Jacksonville 50, Nacogdoches 42. No junior varsity game was played due to COVID-19 protocols.

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