Jacksonville Salvation Army Seeks Disaster Volunteers

With the main storm season just around the corner and an unusually active forecast of the 2021 hurricane season, the Salvation Army must prepare to face disasters.

Before a disaster strikes, the Salvation Army needs a team of trained volunteers ready to respond in an emergency. The Salvation Army’s Disaster Training Program offers a variety of courses designed to help individuals and communities prepare for emergency events and become trained disaster volunteers.

The first step to becoming a disaster relief worker with the Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services program is to create an online profile and fill out a simple application. Those interested in becoming a Disaster Volunteer can begin the application process by going to www.desaster.salvationarmyusa.org/volunteer/new. After completing the online application, your information will be shared with the Northeast Florida Salvation Army.

“The Salvation Army’s success today depends on the army of volunteers standing by to provide immediate relief to those affected by disasters,” said Major Keath Biggers, Area Commander of the Salvation Army

In any emergency, the Salvation Army focuses on providing seven core services. These

The services can be modified depending on the extent of the disaster and adapted to the specific needs of individual survivors. The core services of the Salvation Army are training, catering, emotional and spiritual support, emergency communication, social disaster relief, donation management and rescue.

“Disaster Volunteers respond to a variety of local disasters including house fires, forest fires, tornadoes, man-made disasters, transportation accidents, civil unrest and terrorist attacks,” said Larry Huff, director of operations. “Officials, staff and volunteers provide first responders and survivors with drinks, meals, and emotional and spiritual care, and bring hope and healing to those in need. There are opportunities to serve in local teams as well as nationwide or even nationally. “

For questions and more information about our local emergency services and volunteering in the event of a disaster, please contact Larry Huff, Operations Manager, at [email protected] or 904-301-4844.

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