Jacksonville Veteran Hearts President Biden Announcing Troops Withdrawal From Afghanistan – Action News Jax

Jacksonville, FL. – President Joe Biden announced that all remaining US troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

In the nation’s longest war, his plan is to withdraw it by September 11th – this marks twenty years of attacks coordinated from Afghanistan.

There are currently around 2,500 in Afghanistan abroad, veteran Chris Esslinger was one of them.

He spent a total of two years there and is now lucky enough to have found the Five Star Veterans Center. While he got used to home life, knowing that you served your country has been difficult is the greatest honor that can be achieved.

Six years in the military, including two tours in Afghanistan for Esslinger, and not a day goes by when he does not think about advancing his new life.

“If you’ve been nervous for a year, are very alert and vigilant about everything, and come home, you are the same,” he said.

His time at the front in the infantry made him wonder if he would even make it home.

“We go out every day and you never know, war is so random and so rapid that it can happen at any moment,” he said.

The plan is to bring the 2,500 troops home from overseas by September 11th. Esslinger says traveling home will give the current troops goose bumps.

“You will have the same pride as any soldier who is deployed there. You come back with a certain pride that you have served your country and have done so with honor,” said Esslinger.

Since PTSD remains an ongoing battle, Esslinger is encouraging the troops to seek advice and not wait a few years like he did. Ease of returning home.

“That way I’ve lost many years of progress and spent a lot of time moving forward,” he said.

Esslinger now teaches golf, one of his greatest passions; He says doing what he loves and finding something so therapeutic made it a lot easier on his return home.

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