Jacksonville’s grandmother loses the struggle towards COVID-19

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Days before the New Year, Cheryl Bacon, 52, took her last breath at UF Health Jacksonville after losing her battle with COVID-19.

“She was honestly the greatest mother in the world. I think we will always remember her for this, ”said her daughter Adeara Booth. “I will definitely miss her smile, her laugh. She believed in me. She believed in my dreams. She believed in us all. “

Booth said Bacon was not her birth mother, but the woman who raised her, whom she calls mother. On December 14th, Booth said, she took Bacon to the hospital. They learned fluid that had built up in Grandmother’s heart and lungs.

“As I kept watching her and the doctors, the doctors kept telling me and my sisters, ‘Hey, your mother is getting better. There is a possibility that she will be released, ”Booth recalled. “A week later, on December 20th, we were notified that she had COVID-19.”

By the sound of her voice, Booth said, she could tell that her mother’s health was deteriorating.

“When I talked to my mother every day, her voice got weaker and weaker,” said Booth. “And it stopped when her heart stopped and she was put on a ventilator, and basically it was. A few days later she was gone. “

Booth said her mother will always be remembered for her loving and caring soul. She encourages those who have a loved one who is battling COVID-19 to take it day in and day out.

“Never stop praying,” said Booth. “Keep praying even if you feel that praying is not enough.”

The family is currently planning Bacon’s funeral. If you want to help your family during this difficult time, you can donate here.

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