Jaguars donate to Jacksonville’s Historic Neighborhood

The Jacksonville Jaguars and owner Shad Khan spent a day devoting themselves to philanthropic efforts to improve their community and world.

Working with the Jaguars Foundation, Khan LIFT donated JAX $ 1 million. The organization supports work in the Eastside neighborhood – known colloquially as “Out East” – which is just 1.6 km from TIAA Bank Field.

The donation will benefit the Historic Eastside Community Development Corporation (HECDC), which is using a five-step approach to enriching the area. According to the Jaguars and the HECDC, these five priorities are:

  • Food Insecurity – Provide year-round access to healthy food and nutrition education, and create a permanent neighborhood market.
  • Parks, Playgrounds, and Green Spaces – Reimagine outdoor spaces to promote healthy lifestyles and improve population wellbeing for all ages.
  • Local Culture and Business – Celebrate the rich history and culture of the historic Eastside neighborhood by supporting local businesses and events like the quarterly Melanin Market and other placement activities.
  • National Register of Historic Places – Support the application of the Historic Eastside neighborhood to the State Historic Preservation Office for entry on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Organizational and Community Support – Build the capacities of LIFT JAX and HECDC to ensure operational support continues to have a positive impact on the Out East community.

“I love what LIFT JAX is, so it is my privilege to make this donation and help set a course that I hope will have immediate and lasting effects,” said Khan. “It’s not about writing a check, however. The point is that we all use our time and resources continuously and uninterruptedly to empower our neighbors and break the cycle of poverty. It takes work and accountability, and the Jaguars Foundation is more than willing to do its part. “

The Jaguars Foundation and LIFT JAX have worked with HECDC for over a year to plan the best course of action for a partnership. The team provided meals during the vacation and volunteered for the community on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. New head coach Urban Meyer was invited to Out East in April to see the work of HECDC.

Urban Meyer is touring Out East in April. Photo courtesy Jacksonville Jaguars, Credit-Logan Bowles

With Khan’s donation of $ 1 million, LIFT wants to build JAX on the work already done.

“As a nonprofit based on the belief that community partnerships can help solve the complex challenges facing society, LIFT JAX is grateful for the Khan family and the Jaguars investment in the Eastside neighborhood of Jacksonville,” said David Garfunkel , President of LIFT JAX.

The Jaguars donation will help advance the pillars of the LIFT JAX ‘Purpose Built Communities’ model, which takes a holistic approach to empowering neighborhoods through high quality mixed income housing, cradle to career education, wellbeing in the Followed community and long-term financial vitality. We’re excited to work with the Jaguars, Historic Eastside Community Development Corporation, and community leaders to implement the priorities residents have shared with us to create a more vibrant, thriving neighborhood for everyone on the Eastside. “

In addition to the donation to LIFT JAX, the Jaguars Foundation asks DUVAL to make its contribution to public relations. But in this particular case the community is on the other side of the world.

The country of India was devastated by the global pandemic COVID-19. While vaccinations have settled the cases in most countries, India’s vaccine launch coupled with a new strain of the virus spread through the Holi Festival this spring has not kept up with the massive population.

As the number of deaths increases day by day – many due to lack of oxygen in hospitals – the Jaguars and their partners are donating to Tech Mahindra to “work tirelessly to draw support to the most vulnerable populations, including the Healthcare workers, security personnel, plumbing workers, migrant workers, farmers, transgender communities, the elderly, daily work, people with disabilities and more. We forge collaborations to meet the oxygen needs of Indian hospitals. ”

At the time of publication, more than $ 43,000 had been raised.

The Jaguars fan base is known for raising funds this off-season, ranging from money for a local historic fire station to new quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s favorite charities.

If fans want to donate for the fundraiser in India, they can follow this link here.

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