Lawsuit alleges Jacksonville officer’s song about fatal shooting of Jamee Johnson

The family of Jamee Johnson, who was killed on December 14, 2019, called Sheriff Officer Josue Garriga’s testimony “a lie” and filed a federal lawsuit against the officer, his department and the city.

Attorney Harry Daniels attended a Friday press conference attended by Harvey Johnson Jr. and Kimberly Austin, the 22-year-old’s parents, on Hold on the 3000 block of Buckman Street.

WJCT News partner The Florida Times-Union reports that according to the lawsuit, it is clear that Johnson was shot dead in front of the car in front of Garriga, not behind the young man as they moved inward, the officer testified. It is said that the sheriff’s office and prosecution deliberately ignored eyewitness testimony and deemed Garriga’s actions to be justified.

Instead, Garriga’s actions are “malicious and / or associated with reckless, callous and deliberate indifference” to Johnson’s rights, the lawsuit said.

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