More scooters in Jacksonville? The city council can extend the restriction on suppliers of electric scooters

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People in Jacksonville might see more electric scooters on the downtown streets soon.

City officials are considering pushing the boundaries of the new pilot program despite the outcry of security concerns from local residents.

People reached out to News4Jax about the problem and said they saw people driving back and forth between cars and not following the basic rules of the road. However, there is also enthusiastic support for the scooters. Supporters say they are great fun and add something to the downtown area.

One of the changes that city guides are expected to talk about today is increasing the number of companies that can offer scooters. Only four companies are currently approved, but that could be up to six.

The number of scooters allowed in the Corral camp is five, but the new plan is to allow up to 12.

A common complaint from people who loathe electric scooters is that the scooters stop in strange places around town and sometimes in the middle of sidewalks.


The city council appears to be addressing this issue with a new limit to be imposed on providers. It is said that scooters that are not picked up by the company after 180 days become the property of the city

Regarding safety concerns while operating the scooters, at least one of the scooter manufacturers has already started to address these issues.

The company called SPIN held a safety event.

The operations manager told News4Jax that if drivers are caught not driving safely, warnings will be given and they could even be bumped from their app.

If you want to ride a scooter, you still have to follow the rules of the road just like you drive a car.

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