My trigger, my studs, my ardour: Dawuane Smoot highlights the native Jacksonville Arts Program on Sunday

When Dawuane Smoot was in elementary school, he found a passion that drives him to this day.

“So I was really big at art … I had this cute design that I used to do. I used to do like a circle and I like to like small petals and I’ve always worked to build on that, ”Smoot recently recalled from JaguarReport.

“That was the first time that I felt like I was actually creating a masterpiece.”

His mother has the painting now, a holdover from an earlier hobby for the defensive end of the Jacksonville Jaguars. But while it’s been a few years since Smoot picked up a brush, the first masterpiece of his youth sparked a passion that recently helped create another masterpiece.

On Sunday, Smoot will be wearing custom cleats – for the annual NFL game “My Cause, My Cleats” – designed by Jacksonville Arts and Music School (JAMS) attendees.

“Many inner-city schools and many of you know a lot of children who look like me. I mean a lot of these kids don’t really get a chance to get their art out there in general unless they do a little bit of concerts for the families and stuff like that. I actually wanted to put them on a bigger stage and raise awareness of what they are doing because I think they should get a fair opportunity too. ”

Smoot shows off the studs he will wear on Sunday, painted by JAMS. Photo courtesy Jacksonville Jaguars

Smoot and his wife, Angel, heard about the school after a nurse who gave birth to their son spoke to the couple about the local school. The Smoots took part in a charity run by JAMS and fell in love with what the school is doing in the region.

The after-school program follows the “JAMS Lifestyle” that its founder and creator developed.

“I will accept every class, lesson and assignment with passion.

I will think creatively in everything I do.

I will understand what I disagree with.

I will be kind and respectful.

I know that with hard work, my creative potential is endless.

I know that every day is a new opportunity to invest in my future.

I know my JAMS family believes in me and will help me achieve my goals.

AND I KNOW that my words have power, so let them be created! ”

So “get them created” with charter on studs that will be on view during NFL Sunday and auctioned for funds donated to the school.

“I said just do it,” laughed Smoot.

“We just gave them a blank template and they just chose it – I didn’t mean to say, ‘Okay, I want these colors and these colors. ‘I just want them to express themselves and just bring out their own art. It was really nice. ”

It was incredibly important for Smoot and his family to represent the school and let the children design their own studs. Given the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the general challenge of funding the liberal arts, the school is in need of encouragement and financial support.

“They’re just so underfunded, so I thought it would be a good time to create a lot of awareness about what they’re doing because they paint too, they make music too, they do video and a whole bunch of different things around that Art so I just thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on the dark.

“I just write out their names and just know: ‘Hey, we are here, we are here for all children who want to be involved with art and other things. ‘You know you can get her name out as much as you can. ”

For the poet Angel and the YouTube creator / computer builder Dawuane, art is big and diverse and incredibly important. So, his kicks on Sunday will not only shed light on the Jacksonville Arts and Music School, but will also be a reminder of how important the role of art and music can be in a person’s life.

“[Art] gives them the opportunity to get to know themselves. You know, I mean sport, it’s more of a team thing, it’s more like having to be in a unit and everything, not every sport, but most sports. You somehow lose yourself in this sport, you lose yourself and I also speak from experience.

“I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t play soccer, but I definitely feel like the outlets I have, like my YouTube channel, and also like my wife and her poems and things, just you start to find yourself you know you start to see exactly who you are and what you enjoy doing. I think this is a good thing that kids need to learn earlier in life. ”

If the current Jaguars pack handler (4.5) attempts to break the Tennessee Titans backcourt on Sunday and chase down quarterback Ryan Tannehill, he will do so into cleats that fall off the field. Made especially for him by those whom he would like to support in shaping their future. And while doing this, he hopes Jacksonville fans and residents who watch will hear his message about the Jacksonville Arts and Music School.

“If your child is interested in art and enjoys sitting down and creating things, take them there, just stop by. Check out the facilities – the facilities are great. The kids are great, how every kid honestly looks happy and they look like they’re enjoying every experience they have there … that’s what makes us humans create things. I think it would be great if you just gave them one chance. “

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