Neighborhood leaders and residents combat Jacksonville crime on the digital discussion board

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Five weeks after 2021, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office reported seven murders that are being investigated by police. On Thursday evening, community leaders met with citizens in a virtual workshop to discuss ways to reduce violent crime.

Four children were shot dead during the same period, according to the Sheriff’s Office. This includes a 3 year old girl who was shot in her leg Wednesday night.

Members of the Sheriff’s Office attended the virtual meeting. The aim is to encourage residents to be open about raising concerns and asking questions about public safety.

One issue that emerged was developing trustworthy relationships between police officers and the community members they serve and whom they protect. It is known as the community police.


“You have to have the officials and the community has to work together,” said Mike Bruno, director of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. “You just can’t do it alone.”

Community police advocates believe that trust between officials and residents will lead to more developments in unsolved violent crimes.

Kollin Felton, 26, was shot dead while riding his motorcycle last year. Although the incident was captured on surveillance video, his mother Katina says no one appears to have come forward with information.

“I think there are people out there who don’t say anything,” she said. “I want to know what made my son so bad that he had to be gunned down for who he was.”

Bruno said that whatever the case, if people aren’t willingly providing information, the detectives won’t give up.


“The detectives are still out there walking with people in the hope that we can get this crime stopper tip or something anonymous because at the end of the day residents may be scared but they understand that it makes their neighborhood safer and she I want the bad guy out of there, ”said Bruno.

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