New Aztec themed restaurant involves Jacksonville

His dream of opening a restaurant and serving craft beer almost didn’t come true thanks to the pandemic.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – With a pandemic, construction delays, and an already difficult industry, the odds seemed stacked against an aspiring restaurant owner. But it doesn’t prevent his restaurant in San Marco East from starting.

“I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen,” said Luis Melgerejo from behind the flat top in Tepeyolot Cerveceria’s food truck.

His dream of opening a restaurant and serving freshly brewed beer almost didn’t come true thanks to the pandemic.

“Something we’ve been working on with the bank and landlord for a year and a half or two years,” said Melgerejo.

Tepeyolot Cerveceria was due to open earlier this year in a former office building on Kings Avenue near Bertha Street. Construction work and other setbacks have postponed the schedule.

So Melgerejo bought a food truck, parked it in front of the house and started cooking. A place for entertainment and preparation will be created in the building where drywall was installed last month. There is space for beer tanks and a tap room.

He says that while the plans have changed, he’s not giving up, but pushing ahead. After all, the name is inspired by the Aztec god of the jaguar.

“Something that is completely new to me,” he said. “I’m used to being in the kitchen and making beer without dealing with contractors or all of those things, but when I realize I can’t complain too much.”

Melgerejo hopes to do some construction before October Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

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DELAYED NOT DETERMINED: The owner of Tepeyolot Cerveceria says the build set them back from the store opening, so he bought a food truck. Now eating in the street in San Marco East @ FCN2go @FirstCoastFoodi #Jacksonville #Food

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