Permission sought to demolish fire-damaged funeral home Moulton and Kyle Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record

Contractor JB Coxwell Contracting Inc. applied to the city on Jan. 12 for permission to demolish the fire-wrecked historic funeral home Moulton and Kyle at 17 W. Union St. Downtown.

Jacksonville-based Coxwell applied for permission to demolish the two-story, 9,272-square-foot, unused building, constructed in 1914.

Robert J. Peeples Jr. owns the building. He is a director of Peeples Funeral Services Inc. He bought the Moulton and Kyle properties in 1992, property reports show.

Jacksonville Daily Record’s news partner reported that the state firefighter is investigating the fire that destroyed the 107-year-old building on Jan. 9. He reported that more than 140 firefighters and multiple engines fought the fire late into the night.

The Moulton and Kyle Funeral Home at 17 W. Union St. was built in 1914. (UNF)

Demolition details show that the building is being dismantled from top to bottom using an excavator. JB Coxwell said the debris will be loaded into containers and taken to appropriate landfills for disposal.

Jacksonville historian Wayne Wood told the news channel the funeral home was “one of the most precious landmarks in downtown Jacksonville.”

“It’s a tragedy because there are so few great historic landmarks in downtown Jacksonville after the great fire (1901),” he said.

The building was designed by Leroy Sheftall and Earl Mark, who were inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s American architectural design, and it was built by Henry Klutho, the station said.

“Moulton and Kyle funeral home was a direct derivative of Jacksonville’s oldest, a funeral home founded by Calvin Oak in the 1850s,” said Wood.

The city confirmed to News4Jax that the building was convicted of a partial roof collapse in June.

The city says the owner will take steps to demolish the structure.

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