Plans for a new green infrastructure project are due to be shared at the Jacksonville Earth Day event

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Local environmental nonprofits are hosting a free Earth Day event on Saturday at the site of a planned new park.

The Regeneration Park is a “Green Infrastructure and Local Government Project” that is being built along the Emerald Trail.

According to the Duval Soil and Water Conservation District, the aim of the project is to “demonstrate urban agriculture, promote environmental stewardship and empower residents to build with nature for social, economic and environmental health”. It will be located on half an acre of currently unused public property along the S-Line connection of the Groundwork Jacksonville Emerald Trail near the Sugar Hill Mosaic.

Joshua Rosenberg, founder of permaculture design and real estate company NativeJax, is designing the park on previously contaminated land that has been cleaned up.

“We wanted to do something to educate the community and other people about how to really use plants effectively to repair the soil, get a yield and give back,” said Rosenberg. “It’s about really just showing people that putting plants in the ground and removing grass is the best way to turn our sand soils into something that is living matter.”

The park will also help reduce flooding in the area.

“Putting roots in the ground, planting water-loving plants and possibly creating bioswales are all aspects that can really help alleviate these water problems without having to run expensive French drains or the like to bring water to other locations . Declared Rosenberg. “Instead, we want to keep the water where it is.”

The plans for the regeneration park will be displayed on Earth Day: an event to celebrate the administration and demonstrations on how to make homes and neighborhoods more environmentally friendly.

The free event on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the S-Line Biodiversity Corridor of the Emerald Trail between Moncrief Road and Boulevard features live music, competitions and other activities. Parking is available at the Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church at 2335 N. Davis St.

The organizations attending the event are Groundwork Jacksonville, the Duval Soil and Water Conservation District, NativeJax Permaculture Design & Real Estate, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Alkavita Alkaline Water, Jax Youth Works, and Jacksonville Art & Music School. The event is funded in part by a grant from the Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board.

For more information, please contact Shanell Davis-Bryant, Program Manager, Groundwork Jacksonville, at [email protected]

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