Residents, delivery drivers, say the Jacksonville neighborhood needs more lighting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Washington Heights area along Ken Knight Drive is too dark at night and needs more light, according to residents and delivery drivers.

They told News4Jax that visibility becomes a security risk when daylight turns into dark.

“I come out every night and take my dogs for a walk,” said resident Alice Hartsfield. “To go back and forth, you don’t know if you will be hit by a car or if they will even see you.”

“I drive past my house all the time because I can’t see,” said one resident who did not want to be named. “It is so dark.”

There are LED street lights, but the light they emit doesn’t illuminate the neighborhood.

Ayesha Covington frequently delivers groceries in the area, but she told News4Jax that there are times when she wanted to reassign delivery when she received an order for groceries at night.

“It’s so dark,” said Covington. “Even when the lights are on at the residential address, you cannot see. A little fear jumps into my heart because I think someone might be hiding around one of these corners. I have to get out of my vehicle. I lock it up but that doesn’t protect me. “


Parents and grandparents believe that better lighting could change everything, including the perception that driving or walking around the community at night is unsafe.

“We need these lights for the kids. You want to go to the candy store and you can’t. A car will hit them, ”said another resident who did not want to be named. “Can someone turn on the light here, please? That’s all we ask “

News4Jax reached out Monday to the office of Jacksonville councilor Brenda Priestly Jackson, who represents the area, to see if there is anything she can do to improve the lighting. However, her office assistant said she was in meetings all day and would not be available for comment until Tuesday.

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